Sunday, October 11, 2015

BLAME IT ON THE TEACHERS: A Three-Year Plan To "Save" The Crumbling Bay City Academy; Will It Work & Will Steven Ingersoll's Figurehead Managment Company Rake In Even More Federal Dollars?

COMING TUESDAY: Miss Fortune brings exclusive details of the Bay City Academy's three-year "transformation redesign" plan.

Although the principal (Jim Comer) charged in the April 16, 2015 document with increasing leadership capacity at the school was fired after serving less than 10 months in that slot, and the superintendent (Brian Lynch) named to lead a "culture of performance" formed his own management company just weeks after submitting the charter school's plan, the Bay City Academy's turnaround rests on an intensive course of "professional development" funded by the federal government through the Michigan Department of Education "priority" school improvement grants.

And where in the world is erstwhile "Interim Superintendent" Patrick Cleland?

Money, meet rat hole!

RATF*CKED! How Michigan's Charter School 'Villianthropist' Steve Ingersoll (And His Enforcer/Brother Gayle) Got Out From Under A Five-Figure Property Tax Debt...For A Mere $501!

The exclusive story Tuesday, October 13.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

LICENSE TO STEAL? Restraining Order Doesn't Stop Steven Ingersoll; One Week Later, Multiple Properties Still On The Market

Mr. Flo Rida himself, Steven Ingersoll, must have gotten his annual guilty conscience vaccination early this year — Bay City's Boca Beach Boy continues to defy a federal restraining order issued on September 30

Judge Thomas L. Ludington's order directed Steven Ingersoll, “to provide complete and accurate financial information to his probation officer, including but not limited to all assets, liabilities, income, and expenses resulting from transactions between Defendant and his agents, employees, partners, co-venturers, attorneys, family, friends and properties, entities, and businesses that he owns or controls.”

In addition, the order restrains Ingersoll from selling any more property in order to preserve his remaining assets. During the hearing, the government expressed its concerns that Ingersoll was “disposing of properties in an effort to protect family members or to favor certain creditors.” Government prosecutors claimed that Ingersoll had “sold a number of his properties, and allowed a number of his properties to “fall into foreclosure” without reporting those events to the Court.”

With six properties (and I use that term loosely) currently on the market, Ingersoll has apparently sprouted a pair of stupid wings and flown off the rails.

Or has he already skipped town, ambled down to Boca and caught a direct flight out of Miami to his favorite tax haven, Grand Cayman Island.

Offshore banking is the new piracy!

'DUCK' AND COVER UP?: Government Responds To Gayle Ingersoll's Motion To Quash; Will He Waddle Away From Testifying During Bro Steven Ingersoll's October 20 Sentencing Hearing?


“Gayle Ingersoll has not met his burden regarding his Fifth Amendment privilege in his motion to quash, and in fact, he cannot succeed in his motion without appearing at the hearing and asserting the privilege on a question-by-question basis. A generic fear of prosecution is insufficient.”
Government response
October 7, 2015

Duck in...and waddle out?

Not so fast!

In a response filed late yesterday afternoon (October 7), the government presented its opposition to Gayle Ingersoll's motion to quash the subpoena summoning him to testify during the October 20 sentencing hearing for Steven Ingersoll and Roy Bradley, Sr.

Gayle Ingersoll asserted in his September 30 motion a Fifth Amendment privilege and claimed “unspecified scheduling conflicts” with the date set by the court for the hearing. 

In its brief, the government stated that while the jury acquitted Gayle Ingersoll on all counts against him, the most likely way that he would incriminate himself by “testifying falsely or withholding information.” (Providing false testimony or obstructing the proceeding would be new criminal conduct for which Gayle Ingersoll could be prosecuted.)

Stating that Gayle Ingersoll has “the burden of establishing a foundation for the assertion of the privilege” against self-incrimination under the Fifth Amendment, the government asserted Gayle Ingersoll had not met his burden regarding his Fifth Amendment privilege.

Further stating that Gayle Ingersoll could not succeed in his motion without appearing at the hearing and asserting the privilege on a question-by-question basis, the government said Ingersoll “must supply such additional statements under oath and other evidence to the District Court in response to each question propounded so as to enable the District Court to reasonably identify the nature of the criminal charge for which [he] fears prosecution.”

Gayle Ingersoll did not testify during the trial and, according to the government, he “therefore does not have a reasonable fear of prosecution for perjury in this district based on former testimony and his acquittal is a bar to further prosecution for the same offense.” 

Stating that Gayle Ingersoll’s obligation to appear and give unprivileged, truthful testimony at the sentencing hearing for Steven Ingersoll and Roy C. Bradley, Sr., cannot be avoided, and should not be postponed, the government asked U. S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington to “deny Gayle Ingersoll’s motion to quash the subpoena requiring him to testify without prejudice and allow him to make whatever showing he can during the sentencing hearing to establish the propriety of his invocation of his privilege against self-incrimination. The court then can make appropriate rulings regarding any vestigial Fifth Amendment privilege Gayle Ingersoll may have based on each topic of inquiry that is raised in the sentencing hearing.”

The government asked Ludington to “provide some guidance to the parties regarding the manner in which the sentencing hearing will be conducted.” 

Miss Fortune will be tracking developments and report any update...but you knew that!

Monday, October 5, 2015

JUST WHO ARE 'THOSE GUYS'? WHAT DID THEY DO, WHERE DID THEY DO IT...AND ARE THEY STILL DOING IT? (Come On, Do You Honestly Think I'd Spill All The Insider Secrets I Know?)

Oy, just oy.

Stack “serial incorporator” Steven J. Ingersoll's list of business entities next to my array of hair color variations — and Ingersoll would win. But what can you expect from a guy who's still actively selling his properties, even with a federal restraining order hanging over his head!

The best one I've discovered is, of course "Those Guys Consulting, LLC". Damned if I know who "those guys" are and what they're doing...but I think I have a clue.

Here are a few more, in no particular order. While some are expired, most are (oddly enough) still active:

Excel Center of Grandville, L. L. C.

North Central Arts LLC

Turner House LLC

Wolverine Arts LLC

Wolverine Guild LLC

Those Guys Consulting LLC

Historic Arlington Hotel LLC

Swarts Tower, LLC

Eddy House, LLC

DMI Interiors, LLC (stands for Deborah M. Ingersoll)

Northern Educational Properties, LLC (originally a Limited Liability Partnership with Livingston County charter school founder, Chuck Stockwell. Ingersoll and Mark Noss were both actively involved with Stockwell in the 1990's.)

Vision Therapy Centers, Inc.

Family Learning Centers, Inc.

Bay City Renaissance, LLC

Lind Studio, LLC

Keith House, LLC

Jefferson Block, LLC

Sanford Green House, LLC

Odd Fellows Hall, LLC

Oddfellows, LLC

909 Sixth Street, LLC

620 Grant Street, LLC

616 Grant Street, LLC

606 Grant Street, LLC

1515 Sixth Street, LLC
Wonder how many bank accounts are attached to these names?