Sunday, January 25, 2015

WHAT ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS: Will Perjury Be All Up In Here?

What about your friends
Will they stand their ground
Will they let you down again
What about your friends are they gonna be low down
Will they ever be around

Or will they turn their backs on you?

If they know what's good for them, they will!

On June 17, 2014, U.S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington sentenced Rodolfo Rodriguez (shown above) to 21 months in a federal prison for lying to a federal grand jury regarding what he knew about asbestos removal from the Bay City charter school. With credit for time served, Rodriguez could be released on Valentine's Day...2016. 

Rodriguez was an employee of Roy Bradley's restoration company, Lasting Impressions. In January 2013, Rodriguez testified before a grand jury and deliberately gave false testimony regarding how much asbestos he removed and who directed him at the task, court records show. 

Excerpts of Rodriguez's testimony indicated he varied on how much asbestos he removed, from 20 feet to 200 feet. He initially maintained no one told him to remove the material and that he did so on his own volition, but after being pressed by the grand jury, he said crew foreman Gerald A. Essex told him to "gut the place".

In February 2014, Rodriguez pleaded guilty to one count of perjury before a grand jury. "At Bradley's direction, and under Essex's supervision, Rodriguez removed at least 200 feet of asbestos insulation from pipes in the church so the pipes themselves could be removed," the plea agreement states.

Rodriguez, who was reportedly paid in cash "off the books", testified against Bradley and Essex—and was later whisked off to serve his perjury sentence at a federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Miss Fortune suspects that clink is a crowbar free zone!

Friday, January 23, 2015


Exactly one year ago, the Bay City Times quoted the owner of a vacant Bay City home that had recently been destroyed by fire: “It was clearly set by someone. The insurance adjuster said it was clearly set by someone, it wasn’t a spontaneous fire.”

The property's owner said that although the January 10, 2014 blaze gutted the house, it was still a fine building with the best architecture and build quality on the street. 

He added it wasn't a total loss and hoped to rebuild it back to habitable condition. 

The heavily damaged structure was never repaired, and still sits empty 616 N. Grant Street in Bay City.

While arson investigations can take years, the owner seemed to eager to tell anyone who'd listen that the building had burned, baby, burned!

Wonder what really happened to this part of Steven Ingersoll's front porch renaissance?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

HE'S BAACK! Scientologist Per Wickstrom Hits The Interwebs With A New Video...And Debuts His Freshly-Legal 'Choices Rehab' of South Bend, Indiana


Looking "scurred" in this two-shot, Per Wickstrom appears to sidle away from the glare of Lawrence Taylor...tomorrow, Miss Fortune breaks news about Choices Rehab and Per Wickstrom's plans for the future.

Hello, South Bend!

SILVER GOES FOR THE GOLD: N. Y. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Charged in Corruption Scheme; Taken Into Custody After 'Long-Term' Investigation

The Wall Street Journal reports that New York state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was arrested and charged in an alleged corruption and bribery scheme this morning after a “long-term” investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, authorities said.

The Manhattan Democrat, a lawyer who has been Assembly speaker since 1994, turned himself in to FBI agents early Thursday in lower Manhattan.

Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, was set to hold a news conference at 1 p.m. to announce details of the public-corruption charges against Mr. Silver, Mr. Bharara’s office said.

The five-count criminal complaint, unsealed Thursday morning, charges Mr. Silver with a scheme to defraud, depriving the public of honest services, mail fraud, and extortion and alleges Mr Silver received more than $6 million in outside income from two law firms since late 2002.

The 35-page complaint says the speaker obtained “millions of dollars in outside income as a direct result of his corrupt use of his official position to obtain attorney referral fees for himself, including from clients with substantial business before the state, and not as a result of legitimate outside income Silver earned as a private lawyer.”

Mr. Silver has denied any wrongdoing.

Sounds a little familiar, doesn't it?

STAY AWAY! Steven Ingersoll Ordered To Have "No Contact" (Direct or Indirect) With Any Government Witnesses in Federal Fraud Trial; Order Result of Unauthorized Bradley Subpoenas


U. S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington issued an order yesterday instructing Steven Ingersoll, Gayle Ingersoll and Roy C. Bradley, Sr. to “have no contact, whether directly or indirectly, with any witnesses identified by the Government in its witness lists”. 

The January 21 order denied Ingersoll's request to have contact with select government witnesses he called his friends”.

In his January 14 response to the government's December 5, 2014 motion to modify the conditions of his bond, Ingersoll asked that he be allowed to maintain contact with those witness due to a recurring professional and/or personal relationship.

Ingersoll identified Mark Noss, Craig Johnston, Margo Abbott, Jim
Comer, Bruce Christensen, and Patty Engler as the individuals he wished to exempt.

The feds got the bond modification ball rolling in late 2014.

According to details presented in a December 19, 2014 bond revocation hearing in this case, Ingersoll was directly involved in a scheme to serve subpoenas on witnesses in fraud co-defendant Roy Bradley's asbestos mishandling case. 

On November 18, 2014, trial began in Roy Bradley’s Clean Air Act case. During Bradley’s trial, Elias Escobedo—Bradley’s court-appointed attorney in the case—met with Bradley, Steven Ingersoll, Roy Bradley’s daughter, and Tammy Bradley to discuss the trial. 

Escobedo explained during the December 19 hearing that, during that meeting, those individuals decided to serve subpoenas on
the Government’s witnesses.
He further that Roy Bradley had been convinced by those individuals—and over Mr. Escobedo’s objections and advice—that subpoenaing witnesses was in Bradley’s best interest. 

Gayle Ingersoll then volunteered to serve the subpoenas to avoid
the expense of having Steven Ingersoll’s private investigator serve the subpoenas for Roy Bradley. At least some of the subpoenas were not authorized by any attorney.

Bradley was convicted on four felony counts December 2, 2014, and was seeking a verdict set-aside and a new trial.

In addition, the order stated that there is no indication that Deborah Ingersoll played any role in subpoena decision-making process or was involved in any way, and denied the government’s motion to modify her bond conditions.

However, although Tammy Bradley was ordered to have no contact with any government witness, the order made one exceptionthe Bay City Academy's James Comer

No explanation was given for the exception.

As a reminder, “no direct or indirect contact” includes related human conduits.

Just sayin'.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MONEY MENAGE A TROIS: Part 3-Robbing Peter To Pay Paul...Then Robbing Paul To Repay Peter. So Who Pays Uncle Sam?

In the third and final installment of this exclusive series, Miss Fortune analyzes what Steven Ingersoll himself called the symbiotic financial relationship between his management firm and the Grand Traverse Academy.

And Miss Fortune reveals new defense theory details from a document filed on January 15 in Ingersoll's upcoming federal fraud trial. Miss Fortune reveals the names of select witnesses the defense may (or may not) call to testify.


The research on fraud has identified three key factors that determine whether a person will commit fraud. 

The three factors, which make up the so-called “fraud triangle,” are: 1- perceived pressure facing the person, 2- perceived opportunity to commit fraud, and 3- the person’s rationalization, or integrity.

All three factors are usually necessary for fraud to result.  

For example, an unethical person facing financial pressure will have to identify an opportunity to commit fraud to be able to commit it.  Similarly, a person facing financial pressure and in a job position that presents an opportunity to commit fraud will not do so if his personal integrity outweighs the other two factors.  

On the other hand, even the second person might commit the fraud if he rationalizes it, for example, by convincing himself that he is only “borrowing” the money and will pay it back. 



In the defense theory document filed January 15, Ingersoll's attorney Jan Geht addresses the so-called economic purpose for Ingersoll obtaining what Geht terms “loans”: Ingersoll funneled taxpayer funds through Smart Schools Management, Inc. and Smart Schools Incorporated due to the combined economic pressures of Ingersoll's aggressive “distressed property real estate expansion in Bay City and the continuous problem of rebating a portion of his Grand Traverse Academy-related management fees.

However, there's no acknowledgment or defense against the government's allegation that Ingersoll could not, as a matter of law, receive a loan from SSM or SSI.  

The government previously represented that the payments could not have been loans under Michigan state law, which prohibits charter school funds from being loaned to third parties

Geht persists, saying that Smart Schools Management's ability to repay those fees, without any other successful sister school, hinged solely on its continuous relationship with GTA and, just as importantly, GTA’s own financial survival.

By diverting the money to his other ventures (the Bay City Academy and real estate investments) Ingersoll
ensured that, were either source of future income jeopardized, SSM would have other funds to draw on to fulfill its promise to GTA.

Think about that for a minute.

Aren’t the two charter schools (Ingersoll's owned-and-operated Bay City Academy and the Grand Traverse Academy) discrete entities and unconnected, with the economic survival of one not dependant on the survival of the other?

Maybe that's what Ingersoll meant by a “symbiotic” financial relationship (left) between Smart Schools Management and the Grand Traverse Academy.

But what may have begun as symbiotic deteriorated and became parasitic — if one goes down, then we all do.

It does sound like a Ponzi scheme. 
Rob Peter to pay Paul, then rob Paul to pay Peter. 

Sounds like Ingersoll was afraid of getting caught with his pants down—fiscally speaking, of course.

“To the extent there was no actual repayment in full, the failure to repay resulted from the Government’s
investigation and subsequent indictment of Dr. Ingersoll.”

According to Geht, Ingersoll was just one big score away from making it all good — even though court documents filed in this case revealed that his defense team spent nearly a year negotiating a plea deal before Ingersoll was indicted in April 2014! 


Since I broke the news on this blog about Ingersoll's multi-million dollar debt, I've written extensively about this case, breaking news about the Grand Traverse Academy's June 2013 $3.5 million dollar demand letter, and I can now share exclusive information about the defense witness list: Steven Ingersoll has selected Grand Traverse Academy Board president Brad Habermehl as a star witness.

Habermehl, who famously dithered back on July 18, 2014 over whether or not to “sue Smart Schools or take it to court”, also admitted that Ingersoll's remaining $1.6 million debt “has been haunting us for over a year now” just days before the Academy board wrote the amount off as a “bad debt”.

The government's cross-examination of that guy will be one for the ages!

Ingersoll's also listed his forensic accountant, David J. Hammel, Lake Superior State University's Dr. Bruce Harger, Michigan Department of Education accountant Glenda Rader, and CPA Mark Taylor.

In addition, the witness list states that Ingersoll may (or may not) take the stand, with his coat-tailer Roy C. Bradley, Sr. nodding in unison.

And Ingersoll reserves the right to call any witness identified by the government, like his buddy and business partner Mark Noss, Excel Institute colleague Patty Engler, Smart Schools Management, Inc. employee (and former Grand Traverse Academy staffer) Margo Abbott and Bay City Academy head enforcer District Leader Jim Comer.

Get there early: it promises to be a hot ticket!