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    Trying to get famous Mariah? You think I am your ticket to becoming a major reporter? Notice how you reacted when I called this a tabloid. You act as if it is not. So lets see if you can slither out your worm hole and actually answer direct challenges to the authenticity of your shrine to me.

    1) You claim I attempted to rent the same house to 6 different people correct? So then why did I have to evict people from FIVE different houses? See I can easily prove that but good luck trying to prove your claim.
    (RESPONSE: Your girl Miss Fortune did not "claim" that Hunter attempted to rent the same house to six different people, she merely reported the story behind Hunter's latest arrest. Hunter is currently a fugitive, running from a Michigan felony warrant. Hunter was arrested in Traverse City, Michigan, in November 2012 after collecting $6,000 in security deposits for a home on Wadsworth Street he didn't own. Hunter rented the home for one month during the summer of 2012. A felony warrant was issued on March 15, 2013 after Hunter fled Michigan shortly before his trial was scheduled to begin. Please see more information in the following Traverse City Record-Eagle story:

    2) You claim that a restaurant owner "handled business himself without police?"

    WRONG! I was arrested, then let go. The two business owners were already at odds with each other, and I was in the middle. If they are honest with you they would tell you that nobody but me ever ran their restaurant better. I made it the hottest spot on the island and they failed to pay me for it. My former employees loved me ass a boss even when I was firm at times and everyone that played ball mad great money and had a flexible schedule.
    (RESPONSE: The restaurant owner stated to Miss Fortune during an interview that after a forensic audit, it was determined Hunter skimmed an estimated $25,000, which Hunter admitted doing after he was confronted. Hunter signed a confession, turned over his passport, which was returned after he paid the owners back.)

  2. And this rogue inflated charge BS? How in the hell would I ever benefit from something like that as a salaried employee? Your imagination is remarkable..

    You are keeping their name's confidential but I never eceived that request. The owners are (REDACTED BY MISS FORTUNE). His brother in law/partner was the guy who put up the money. His name is REDACTED who wrote REDACTED.

    REDACTED fought with REDACTED and visa versa since day one because REDACTED wanted to have a full bar and REDACTED did not want to sell alchol because of religious reasons. I landed in the middle of that battle.
    (RESPONSE: The restaurant owner has been informed of Hunter's claims, and will comment if he wishes. Miss Fortune has removed names and other identifying details.)

    3) Then we have another post: "Ray J and JoJo? We Don't Think So!"

    This one again shows how big of a moron you are. You say that I claim the guy in the photo is Ray J. Well it is looser. Find one person that says it is not retard. And then you post a photo of some white female singer named JoJo who I have never heard of in my life nor has anybody working with me. The other guy in the photo is JoJo dumbass lol!
    (RESPONSE: The man in the photo Hunter claims to be Ray J does not appear to be the singer; Norwood's management company declined to comment to Miss Fortune on any relationship with David Hunter.)

    4) Then you claim that I am scaming investors for a music fest in South Africa right? The founder of the music festival is right next to me as I type this. And one of his employees that is helping to produce it is from Charlevoix LOL!!! You are such a tablioder haha!!!
    (RESPONSE: Hunter attempted to elicit information from Miss Fortune by using two bogus email addresses and fraudulently claiming to first be "JR", Ray J's manager and then his personal assistant, Morgan Hardman. Your girl Miss Fortune did not fall for it, and played Hunter like a cello. Hunter claimed that the bogus festival will be held on property owned by "one of the richest families in South Africa", although he refused to provide a name or location. Miss Fortune has confirmed with local Cape Town entertainment sources that there is no music festival in Cape Town, South Africa--or Capetown, as Hunter spells it--managed or run, founded or affiliated with Hunter. Although Miss Fortune repeatedly asked Hunter for names, dates, partners, contracts, attorneys, he refused to provide even a scrap of evidence that the "music festival" is anything more than a product of his imagination or another scam. Miss Fortune invites Hunter to provide the information requested.)

    Yes we burned you by pretending to be someone else to get info from you. You don't ever post what you wrote to us lol. I will post it soon on a blog we are dedicating to your arrest and how you are actually the one hiding dipshit.
    (RESPONSE: Miss Fortune has posted the entire email discussion Hunter referred to in a post titled Music. Money. David Hunter. Who's Conning Who? In addition, the complete exchange has been forwarded to several sources as confirmation of its date/time and originality.)

    5) Then again there is the photo of me holding my daughter the day she was born. Anybody who kept reading your blog after seeing that must only be a fan of tabliods and drama because that is one of the most vile things anyone can do to a child. You are sick..
    (RESPONSE: Until Hunter identified the child as his own, Miss Fortune was not aware of its identity. Out of courtesy to the child and its mother, the picture has been cropped--only Hunter's image remains.)

  3. 6)REDACTED has a ligitimate beef with me. She was supose to travel to Hawaii to visit with me. She made that pretty hard when she kept driving my future ex-wife batshit crazy by making love to my Facebook post constantly. In the end I pulled the plug and she lost a little over $300 dollars because her ticket was non refundable. I will most likely cover the money REDACTED paid out even though she in bed with you snake.
    (RESPONSE: Miss Fortune has removed the name and other identifying information, and alerted the victim, who told her story anonymously, of Hunter's allegations and threats.)

    7)You have posted my mothers name and address on the internet to hurt me? You are disturbed and recklessly dangerous. You hide because we have a restraining order ready to serve you. If you are not a tabloid, gossip, scared to be charged evil person, receive a certified letter Miss Un-Fortunate..
    (RESPONSE: Miss Fortune has never posted Kathy Hunter's address. Her name appeared in Hunter's official 1993 Oakland County publicly available arrest record. http://www.glisteningquiveringunderbelly.blogspot.com/2013/04/fugitive-david-lee-hunter-habitual.html)

    8)FBI eh? You better be the one to watch out. Your slander, defimation and liable are piling up but you illegal activities are going to be your biggest problem. Especially if someone gets physically hurt from your reckless blogging. I will never post photos of your children or addresses of your family members no matter what you do to me. You slither on your gross bloated belly because you have no legs to stand on.
    (RESPONSE: Miss Fortune encourages Hunter to learn the difference between slander--spoken-- and libel--written. In addition, if Hunter is aware of illegal activities, he needs to report them. Oh, wait, he'd actually have to go to the police or court--hard to do when you're a fugitive from justice.)

    9) Then you claim that I am still somehow involved in the Marvin Gaye bio pic which i'm not ever since Lenny Kravitz dropped out. My investors were only in it because Lenny had the lead. So you are again lying and created your own fantasy world to giggle and snicker about that actually doesnt exsist. You are a dunce that is a glutton and you know it LOL!!!
    (RESPONSE: Miss Fortune has received a document that Hunter was circulating, claiming to be an investment opportunity that he, as the "Executive Producer" of the Marvin Gaye biopic, was offering. The 65-page document is rife with misspelled words and bogus claims.

    Hunter was offering potential investors $100,000 shares in the movie--a movie he had absolutely nothing to do with. While Hunter is correct that Lenny Kravitz dropped out of the starring role, he did so a few weeks ago, in March 2013. It appears then that Hunter just admitted he was indeed using the fraudulent document to entice potential investors to back the movie, to which Hunter was not attached, right up until March 2013.

    Hunter's pitch was based on a bogus "private placement memorandum", which claimed to have created such "California limited liability companies" as Marvin Special Opportunity Holdings LLC and Marvin Management LLC to manage the project, neither of which exist. In addition, Hunter brazenly claims in the document to have "spent ample time pre-planning" the film with the film's real Producer, Frederick Bestall.

    Hunter names Meleia Egger as his co-Executive Producer. In Egger's bio, Hunter states that the Regional Recruiter for the Peace Corps is working with him on an Off-Broadway play/project for the Peace Corps.

    Miss Fortune is still working this story, and has inquiries out to the Peace Corps, and Focus Features. Focus Features is handling international sales for the production, and is in contact with both Bestall and Director Julien Temple. A Focus Features representative has received of Hunter's bogus "private placement memorandum", and Miss Fortune will likely get a comment for publication this week on the company's reaction to the scheme outlined in the document and any possible prosecution.

    Miss Fortune encourages all "investors" who may have been burned in this scheme to come forward.)

    10) REDACTED and REDACTED aided you in aquiring photos of my daughter. Acording to you Miss Un-Fortunate, REDACTED is the one that told you I was arrested in California April 11th. You can't provide proof of any arrest because I was never arrested lol. My partners and employees got a kick out of that one because they were with me all day ;)
    RESPONSE: Miss Fortune has removed the picture, which was downloaded during a Google search. Miss Fortune suggests Hunter increase his Facebook privacy settings and not allow any content to be viewed by anyone except for his "friends".

    There are so many holes in your blog that are almost as gapping wide as your vagine that is like sleeve of wizard. Whenever you don't correct a missprint on your blog you function like tabloids do. That is why you hide. That is why you choose a snake as your cover photo. You only wish you could slither around on your belly but it will be quite challenging due to the face that you seem to have your ass on your stomach. You have mental problems and I was right there in your house when your husband left. All you could do is try to get him to bang you here and there before he left. Like I said, get out of your bathrobe and get ready for court.....

    Wash that vagine too for god sakes. We can all smell your stench being down wind :/
    RESPONSE: Miss Fortune has reported Hunter's repeated threats to law enforcement, and is publishing all of his comments and Miss Fortune's responses in this public post. One also wishes that Hunter would learn how to spell "vagina".


  1. I Just would like to comment on behalf of Crystal. I do know Crystal very well and know that she left David in order to get away from all the fraudulent activity he was involved in. The list goes on and on with how many people David Hunter has conned and Crystal wasn't about to have a criminal/sociopath around her daughter. Crystal is not a violent person by any means, but I can see how she was probably pushed to her wits end with this monster. He preys after innocent people and turns their life upside down. Crystal's mother is a very nice lady and I know that David has stolen from her as well and owes her a minimum of $15,000. I also know that David Hunter is a deadbeat father and has not paid any child support. This man is evil and ruins lives. He is a pathological liar and story teller. Keep your distance from him!

  2. No point trying to convince the scammed of your lies and destruction David. Put your money where your mouth is, and maybe some evidence to back "your" claims up. I got a shitload of emails with all your sorry excuses.

  3. How embarrassing is it that I actually took this dude seriously with his copious misspellings and blatant disregard for elementary-level grammar?

  4. Hilarious, hmmm how can you lose $300 on a non refundable ticket that never existed in the first place ? Maybe you should take some of that million you were hiding away from your wife till after the divorce and pay back all the hundreds you scammed to redeem yourself.. Save a couple of bucks for some spelling lessons though.

  5. Hmmmm has the cat got his tongue now?