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The Seriously Twisted Story of Dr. Bruce Langlois: The Registered Sex Offender Traveling Veterinarian (how DOES he find the time?)

Bruce Langlois, Michigan Sex Offender Registry photo

If you ask Dr. Bruce Langlois to describe himself, he’d likely tell you that he’s been the owner and Medical Director of the Animal Hospital of Lowell since 1984. And he’d show you the Bachelors of Science degree in Dairy Science he earned from Michigan State University in 1980, on the wall next to his 1984 MSU Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. According to his Spay Neuter Express web site, Dr. Langlois “prides himself on offering advanced diagnostics and treatments, while still providing personalized, comprehensive care for his patients and clients.”

And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

What Dr. Bruce Langlois won’t tell you is that he’s a registered sex offender, with lifetime supervision by the State of Michigan as a two-time loser. Although his record as a vet is nearly as scandalous as his criminal history, Langlois recently formed a Michigan non-profit corporation to help fund his mobile surgical program.

Dr. Langlois: Sex Criminal 

Langlois was convicted twice for CSC 4th degree:

750.520E Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree (Multiple Variables)MI 04/12/1988 17th Circuit
750.520E1A Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree(Force Or Coercion)MI 12/13/1995 17th Circuit

According to official State of Michigan court records, in 1995 Langlois pleaded guilty to one count of Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree after an incident with his receptionist/office assistant. The woman had worked for Langlois since 1994. Langlois testified that he and the woman had become friends, and admitted in court that he "misinterpreted her behavior as flirtatious", also known as the "she asked for it" defense.

Langlois admitted that the incident occurred in the office while the receptionist was on a stool, reaching for something and he "put his hands up her shorts on her bottom in an attempt to stop the fall". Langlois went on to admit that he had attempted to put his fingers in the woman's vagina.

(A transvaginal grip is such a novel way to avert a fall, don't you think?)

In October 2011, the Allegan County Educational Service Agency (AAESA) held a free spay and neuter clinic in the AAESA’s Allegan County Area Technical Education Center’s parking lot. Langlois, working in his mobile surgical van, was assisted by students, all high school seniors and juniors.

Langlois was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for violating the law that prohibits sex offenders from working, living and loitering within 1,000 feet of a school.

Some guys never learn!
And his veterinary record is almost as shocking. 

Dr. Langlois: Bad Doctor

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Name and Address
 Address : Lowell, MI 49331
Profession and License/Registration Information
 Profession : Veterinary Medicine Type : Veterinarian
 Permanent ID # Status Issue Date Expiration Date
 6901006100 Active 08/17/1984 12/31/2014
Complaints and Disciplinary Action
 Open Formal Complaints :   None
Disciplinary ActionDate of ActionDate of Compliance
Fine Imposed02/23/2012
Reclassified w/o Sanction11/19/2004
Limited / Restricted05/26/2000
Reinstatement Denied09/04/1998
Summary Suspension Dissolved05/30/1996
Summary Suspension02/07/1996
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Dr. Langlois’ Disciplinary Action reports from the State of Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs indicate an extensive history of suspension and probation.

Dr. Langlois’ most recent Consent Order and Stipulation on his veterinary licenses is dated February 2012. In the orders, Dr. Langlois does not admit nor deny allegations of fact and law set forth by the complaint but the Disciplinary Subcommittee of the Michigan Board of Veterinarian Medicine treats the allegations as true for purposes of their Consent orders. Dr. Langlois has been ordered several times, and is on probation now, to adhere to the stipulations of the Subcommittee, including things such as meeting with a board member bi-annually, having 10 random cases reviewed at this meeting (10 others chosen by the vet) and continuing education credits in addition to other stipulations.

The following is a summary of the complaints against Dr. Langlois, as well as Consent Orders and other documentation provided by the Michigan Board of Veterinarian Medicine.

• On February 7, 1996, the Department filed an Order of Summary Suspension and an Administrative Complaint against Respondent based on his conviction for Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree. On May 30, 1996, the DSC issued a Consent Order and Stipulation dissolving the Order of Summary suspension and suspending Respondent’s license for a minimum of six months and one day.

• On March 5, 1997, the Department issued an Administrative Complaint alleging that Respondent practiced veterinary medicine while his license was suspended. During this time, Respondent had also filed a Petition for Reinstatement. Both patters proceeded to an administrative hearing. On October 19, 1998, the board issued a Final Order suspending Respondent’s license for a period of six months and one day.

• On May 26, 2000, the Board issued a Final Order Granting Reinstatement granting Respondent a limited license to practice under general supervision for a minimum period of three years. The Board also placed Respondent on probation with terms. On November 19, 2004 the Board issued an Order Granting Reclassification giving Respondent a full and unlimited license to practice veterinary medicine.

• On October 1, 2008, the Department filed an Administrative Complaint against Respondent based on Respondent’s performance of remote area medical event surgeries on approximately 200 cats and dogs without maintaining records of controlled substances used and administered, and his failure to adequately sterilize the surgical instruments. On May 28, 2009, the DSC issued a Final Order pursuant to a consent agreement placing Respondent on probation for a period of six months with terms including a requirement Respondent comply with all applicable provisions of the code.

• The Administrative Complaint dated April 12, 2011 replaces the Complaint previously filed on February 17, 2011 and includes the following counts:

- Since May 2009, Respondent, who does not hold a pharmacy manufacturing license, has been manufacturing a solution to mimic the federal FDA veterinary-approved product, Yohimbine. Respondent is manufacturing the solution from pharmaceutical ingredients that are not approved by the FDA and then injecting the solution into cats and dogs immediately following surgery to reverse the effects of Xylazine, a drug veterinarians use as an anesthesia in animals. The solution that Respondent manufactures is not FDA approves. Respondents conduct as described above constitutes negligence and incompetence in violation of Codes 16221(a) and 16221(b)(i).

- In May 2009, Respondent performed spays and neuters on multiple cats placed side-by-side on the operating table. Occasionally during the procedure, the cats would come in contact with one another, compromising the sterile environment.

- In his November 4, 2009 interview with Department Investigator Sergio Grijalva, Respondent admitted that there were occasions during spay and neuter clinics when he lined up cats on an operation table during surgery and that the cats would be placed close enough together as to be almost touching. He also stated that although he changed gloves and instruments before moving from one cat to another, he did not wash his hands in between procedures. The Respondent’s conduct as described above constitutes negligence and incompetence in violation of Codes 16221(a) and 16221(b)(i).

- On October 29, 2009, Respondent performed a neuter procedure on Mak, a four-year-old male Newfoundland from Great Pyrenees Rescue, an animal rescue program operated by Marcie Tepper. As part of the procedure, Respondent placed a blue compression bandage around Mak’s scrotum to prevent swelling following the neuter procedure. Respondent did not remove the compression bandage. Following the procedure, an employee from Great Pyrenees Rescue transported Mak from Respondent’s office to Lansing, Michigan where a foster volunteer was waiting to transport him to her home.

- On October 31, 2009, the foster volunteer took Mak outside for a walk. When Mak lifted his leg up to urinate, the volunteer noticed that his scrotum was purple in color and swollen to the size of a baseball. The volunteer immediately called Ms. Tepper to advise her of Mak’s condition. Ms. Tepper then called Respondent to inform him what the volunteer had reported and indicated that Mak needed to see a veterinarian. Respondent advised Ms. Tepper that Mak did not need to see a veterinarian as swelling was normal and that she should have the foster volunteer call him if there were any further problems. In a May 13, 2010, interview with Investigator Grijalva, Respondent stated that he did not remember having this conversation with Ms. Tepper.

Instead of calling Respondent, the foster volunteer had her daughter take Mak to the Gasow Veterinary Clinic near her home so that the dog could receive immediate care. Myda Korkigian-Fisher, DVM, was the attending vet at Gascow when Mak was brought in on October 31, 2009. Dr. Korkigian-Fisher found blue surgical wrap tied around the base of Mak’s scrotum which had caused the scrotum to swell and the tissue at the base of the scrotum to become necrotic. As a result, Dr. Korkigian-Fisher had to perform a scrotal ablation to remove the rotted tissue.

In his interview with Investigator Grijalva, Respondent admitted that he used a blue compression bandage during Mak’s neuter procedure to keep the scrotum from filling with fluid following the surgery. He indicated that his veterinary technicians must have forgotten to remove the compression bandage following the procedure and that had they done so there would have been no need for the scrotal ablation.

- On July 6, 2010, Respondent provided Investigator Grijalva with records and documents pertaining to Mak’s care. The records were missing the pre-operative assessment, the operative report, a list of drugs administered, a time of placement and removal of compression bandage, and a record of any controlled substances used. Essentially, Respondent provided no records of this surgical procedure, which is below the standard of care. Respondent’s conduct as described above constitutes negligence and incompetence in violation of Codes 16221(a) and 16221(b)(i). and also a board order that was issued.

- In November of 2009, KF took her Airedale Terrier, Copper, to the Grand River Veterinarian Hospital in Lowell to be neutered. Prior to performing the neuter procedure, Grand River staff obtained pre-procedure blood work from Cooper. Following the neuter procedure, one of the staff members informed KC that the blood test results suggested that Copper was anemic and may be suffering from a kidney disease. Later in the day on January 27, 2010, KF brought Copper to Respondent’s office. At that time, Respondent conducted a urinalysis that indicated Copper had increased protein levels. Increased protein levels suggest the presence of kidney disease.

Respondent indicated on Copper’s second January 27, 2010 Examination Report Card that blood and urine results were consistent with intestinal parasites. Therefore, Respondent placed Copper on Doxycycline, Drontal and Metronidazole, a broad spectrum of deworming agents. Respondent indicated in his December 13, 2010 interview with Investigator Grijalva that he chose this course of action after a phone consultation with an internist at Antech Diagnostics of Oakbrook, Illinois. However, there is no record of this consultation or of the internist’s recommendation. Additionally, Respondent was unable to provide Investigator Grijalva with the internist’s name.

Respondent also noted on Copper’s Examination Report Card that Copper weighed 44.5 pounds, however, there is no other documentation to indicate that Respondent conducted a physical examination of Copper during this visit.

- On February 26, 2010, KF brought Copper to Respondent’s office for a follow-up visit. Respondent documented on Copper’s February 26, 2010, Examination Report Card that during Copper’s visit he conducted a physical exam and a feces test. The feces test was negative, which indicates only that there were no parasite eggs in Copper’s feces. In addition, the documentation in the Examination Report Card reflects that Copper weighed 42 pounds, which is 2.5 pounds less than his previous visit a month earlier. Despite Copper’s weight loss and the previous test results, which suggested the presence of kidney disease, Respondent indicated on the Examination Report Card that Copper was healthy and “good to go for obedience class.”

- On May 26, 2010, Copper suffered a seizure. KF immediately brought Copper to Respondent’s office. Respondent ran a series of tests and determined that Copper was suffering from renal failure, end stage. As a result, Respondent had to euthanize Copper. Respondent’s conduct as described above constitutes negligence and incompetence in violation of Codes 16221(a) and 16221(b)(i).

• On February 23, 2012, a Consent Order was issued. This order confirmed the previous second superseding administrative complaint and stipulates that the parties may enter this consent order. It further states that the Disciplinary Subcommittee has reviewed the stipulation contained in this document and agrees that the public interest is better served by resolution of the outstanding complaint. Therefore, the Disciplinary Subcommittee finds that the allegations of fact contained in the complaint are true and the Respondent has violated sections 16221(a), (bI(i) and (h) of the Public Health Code and 1996 AACS R 338.1632.

In the Consent Order, they ordered that the Respondent is placed on PROBATION for a period of one year commencing on the effective date of this order. Respondent shall be automatically discharged from probation at the end of the probationary period provided Respondent has complied with the terms of this order. The terms and conditions of the probation, which Respondent must complete within a period of probation which includes to meeting with a Board member, having Record Reviews, continuing education credits, paying a $250 fine and more.

It was further stated that any violation of the Public Health Code by Respondent during the period of probation shall be deemed a violation of probation and constitute grounds for further disciplinary action.

The Respondent did not contest the allegations of fact and law in the complaint. It stated that the Respondent understands that by pleading no contest, he does not admit the truth of the allegations but agrees that the Disciplinary Subcommittee may treat the allegations as true for resolution of the complaint and may enter an order treating the allegations as true. The Respondent understands that by signing the stipulation, he is waiving the right, under the Public Health Code, to require the Dept. to prove the charges set forth in the complaint by presentation of evidence and legal authority and to present a defense to the charges before the Disciplinary Subcommittee or its authorized representative.

At the end of this Consent order, it states that the parties considered the following factors in reaching this agreement:

- During the compliance conference, Respondent indicated that he believed he was compounding Yohimbine within FDA guidelines. However, as a result of these allegations, Respondent has stopped compounding Yohimbine and now uses other FDA approved products.

Dr. Langlois: World Traveler

Nearly forty years ago, in the mid ’70′s, Stan Brock wrestled alligators and jaguars for the television cameras–in his bare feet–while Marlin Perkins narrated what was happening on “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom”. Today, Stan Brock is the CEO of Remote Area Medical (RAM). The nonprofit started as a strictly overseas venture, helping the needy in hard-to-reach places. Volunteers would fly into remote regions, sometimes parachuting in, to aid people who didn't have access to medical care.

And guess who is listed on  RAM's web site as its Veterinary Director? If you guessed, Bruce Langlois, you win the golden ticket!


Here is an excerpt from the site:

The problem of pet overpopulation is one that reaches almost every community. Despite the work of devoted animal care workers and volunteers, many healthy animals are euthanized as their numbers outpace adoption rates. Communities with limited facilities, funds, medical and educational resources are in greatest need of assistance to deal with this ever-expanding crisis.

Remote Area Medical (RAM) was founded in 1985 by Stan Brock. It is a non-profit, volunteer organization devoted to providing free medical, dental and veterinary care to humans and animals in areas of need throughout the United States and internationally. To date, RAM has provided over 19 million dollars in free medical care and has treated over 60,000 animals. The focus of RAM's Veterinary division is to improve animal health and welfare and to support the people who care for and depend upon animals for their livelihood. Their work involves companion animals as well as livestock, and is accomplished with the support of hundreds of people including veterinarians, veterinary technicians and assistants, and countless other volunteers devoted to animal welfare.

The vision of RAM Veterinary Director, Bruce Langlois DVM, is a concept to help lower the euthanasia rate of healthy, adoptable animals throughout the nation. With the help of Dr. Brenda Kennedy, he has developed this manual to provide instruction on implementing an intensive spay/neuter clinic. A goal has been set to spay or neuter 100,000 animals through a series of these clinics hosted throughout the U.S. and other areas in need worldwide. This program will achieve the desired goal of reducing pet overpopulation, and will have far-reaching impacts on many other aspects of animal welfare within the community. These effects include adoption of altered pets, which will in turn result in lower pregnancy rates and reduced strain on limited resources, stronger volunteer and donor bases, improved media relations, and the creation of alliances with local veterinarians.

In this manual you will find information on how to implement a successful RAM spay/neuter clinic. In addition to instruction on organizing the surgery component of such a clinic, it also contains information on fund-raising, media coverage, volunteer recruitment, and adoption events. A key element to organizing such an event is the involvement of the local community. Collaboration with local veterinarians, volunteers, shelter and rescue groups, philanthropic organizations and local businesses is essential for a successful event, and a subsequent sustainable adoption program.

RAM Vet is here to provide any assistance you may need. If you have questions or concerns about anything, you are encouraged to contact Dr. Bruce Langlois directly. He can be reached via e-mail at brucelangloisdvm@yahoo.com or at his office at (616) 897-8484. Dr. Langlois can also assist you in contacting your local veterinarians. A preparation period of at least 3 months should be allotted to organize the event.

It is estimated that 6 to 8 million dogs and cats enter shelters every year and 3 to 4 million of those are euthanized annually. The goal of this manual is to empower one motivated individual at each location with the resources he or she needs to run an efficient and effective spay/neuter clinic on an annual basis. With the help of RAM, we can wipe out the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals in the United States (and then the world?) in our lifetimes. The members of RAM are excited to have you as a part of our team. We have no doubt that your participation will leave you with a great sense of accomplishment. The RAM Spay/Neuter Clinic Manual can be obtained by contacting Dr. Bruce Langlois DVM. Please email him at brucelangloisdvm@yahoo.com. In your email, include the following information: Your Name and contact information, along with the name and contact information for your organization. Bruce looks foward to hearing from you.

All content copyright © Rem

Dr. Langlois: Michigan Traveler

In 2010, the Humane Society of Midland County (HSOMC) hired Beth Wellman to be its new shelter director. Wellman used Langlois' mobile services at her previous job with Ionia County and thought it made sense for Midland.

It didn't.

Although many local vets offered their services to the HSOMC, an insider reports there was no discussion about Langlois or any other options--it was already fait accompli when Wellman walked through the door.

A few months later, a sign was posted in front of a home on Eastlawn Avenue in Midland: Spay Neuter Express Killed My Dog!

According to a Midland source, Langlois and his tech left before the dog had awakened from its surgery, leaving it in a cage with an untrained HSOMC volunteer. The volunteer was horrified when the owner came and found her dog dead in the cage, having never come out of the anesthesia.

Langlois stills visits Midland every second Tuesday.

Dr. Langlois' Fees: What, You Want Pain Medication? That's Extra!

Langlois charges an additional $10 for pain control- see highlight.

We're pleased to offer the following services at the Spay Neuter Express:
Neuter (male) $50        Spay (female) $65
Additional Services

Pain Control injection $10.00
Microchip $20.00
General Dewormer $10.00
Rabies Vaccination $10.00
Distemper combo Vaccination $10.00
Fecal Parasite Test $15.00
Frontline application $15.00
Heartworm Test $15.00

Neuter (male) $30            Spay(female) $45
Additional Services

Pain Control injection $10.00
Microchip $20.00
General Dewormer $10.00
Rabies Vaccination $10.00
Distemper combo Vaccination $10.00
Fecal Parasite Test $15.00
Frontline application $15.00
Cats Felv/FIV test $25.00
Cats Ear Mite Treatment $10.00 


Dr. Langlois: A Michigan Non-Profit Corporation

According to the local organizers at a recent Traverse City Spay-Neuter Express event, Dr. Langlois spayed and neutered 53 dogs and 41 cats. Dr. Langlois said his cat spays average about 4 minutes; cat neuters about one minute; dog spays about 8-10 minutes and dog neuters about 4-5 minutes. Dr. Langlois operates a full service hospital in addition to the Spay-Neuter Express. He admits that he personally did 10,000 to 12,000 spay/neuters with the mobile unit in 2012.

So why does he need a non-profit assistance fund? We don't know but maybe the corporation's board of directors might--Langlois, his wife and daughter.

By our estimation, there may hundreds of thousands of dollars washing through the non-profit every year.

ID Num: 71067X  
Type of Entity: Domestic Nonprofit Corporation
Resident Agent: BRUCE LANGLOIS
Registered Office Address: 11610 E FULTON ST  LOWELL   MI  49331
Mailing Address:   MI 
Formed Under Act Number(s): 162-1982          
Incorporation/Qualification Date: 9-22-2011
Jurisdiction of Origin: MICHIGAN
Number of Shares: 0
Year of Most Recent Annual Report: 12
Year of Most Recent Annual Report With Officers & Directors: 12
Status: ACTIVE   Date: Present

Attention David Hunter! They ALL Get Caught...Eventually

Maine man arrested as rapist who fled Massachusetts 34 years ago

GORHAM, Maine — When police finally tracked him down after a 34-year manhunt, Gary Alan Irving, a convicted rapist and the longest-standing name on the Massachusetts State Police Most Wanted list, was about to put his granddaughter to bed in the suburban Maine home he shares with his wife.

In 1979, Irving was convicted of kidnapping and raping three young women in Norfolk County. Freed by a judge until his sentencing, he fled Massachusetts, and for decades lived as someone else entirely: Gregg Irving, a quiet family man with a job at a phone company, a swing set in his backyard, and neighbors who described him as a good guy who plowed their driveways when it snowed.

When Massachusetts State Police found him Wednesday in his home in Gorham, a suburb just west of Portland, Irving at first insisted that they had the wrong man. But the scar on his chest from a childhood surgery gave him away, State Police spokesman David Procopio said Thursday. Officers arrested Irving as a fugitive from justice and confiscated two shotguns, six rifles, and a handgun.

“He was surprised to see law enforcement on his front door steps,” said Maine State Police Sergeant Robert Burke, who assisted with the arrest along with Gorham police. “He just asked, ‘How did you find me?’ ”
.Officials did not release any information about what tipped them off to Irving’s whereabouts. Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey said that over the years, with help from authorities in Cohasset and other local agencies, State Police had followed leads across New England as well as Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Colorado and Florida
“At the end of the day, good old-fashioned police work solved the problem,” Morrissey said.
Irving is set to be arraigned at the Cumberland County Courthouse in Portland on Friday, and rendition proceedings will begin to bring him back to Massachusetts, said Procopio. Irving will also face federal charges for possessing guns, he said.

It's A Good Friday...For A New Job

American Senior Benefits has two jobs posted: Sales and Sales Representative. They look an awful lot alike to me, but you be the judge!

And when you go for your interview, tell them Miss Fortune sent you!

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American Senior Benefits - Traverse City, MI
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American Senior Benefits is looking to expand our office in northern Michigan. We are a Top 5 branch in the U.S., with over 60 yrs of experience in the local office. This is a professional enviroment so we are looking for applicants with strong work ethics, good core values, integrity and some college. We are offering a Base Pay Plus Commission with an average first year of 45k to 50k.

If you are qualified and looking for a career opportunity and not just a job, please contact our local office at 231-421-8331 opt. 3.

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It's Raining Scoops All Up In Here!

And Miss Fortune's 
Wearing Her 
Newsprint Scarf!

Send your story scoops to: tcmissfortune@yahoo.com

We'll follow up on your tip...you never know where it might lead!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tick Tock, TICKER! Steven Wayne Pendill-The Case of the Battling Builder

Pendill's 1993 Yellowstone County MT mugshot
Former Montana man files Grand Traverse County DBA for 'SP Home Improvement'

Pendill does NOT have required Michigan Residential Builders License

Extensive violent criminal history in Montana and Michigan (and we won't even mention the 2000 paternity suit!)

Today's "Ticker" reports that Steven Pendill filed a DBA on January 28th with Grand Traverse County for a new business, SP Home Improvement.  Miss Fortune likes a new business story, but she LOVES a Traverse City crime story even more! 

From scoop to nuts! 

HOME IMPROVEMENT? Steve's Big (Ad)venture
Address 1:   1618 CRESCENT STREET
Address 2:  
City,State,Zip:   TRAVERSE CITY   MI  49686
Type:   DBA
File Date:   1/28/2013  Expiration Date: 1/28/2018
Dissolved Date:    Last Renewed Date:

Business Owners

Owner NameAddress


Now, here's the story The Ticker DIDN'T tell you!

On July 9, 2011, Traverse City police responded to a disorderly person complaint at the Union Street Stations. Steven Wayne Pendill, 42 at the time, had allegedly punched another patron in the eye and injured him. When police attempted to take him in for assault, though, he did not go easily. He fought with officers as they attempted to place him into a patrol car and continued to fight once seated. Pendill was on probation for third-offense drunk driving when this fracas occured.


Grand Traverse County 86th District Court records show that our would-be "home improver" (who plead guilty to one count of domestic violence on January 11, 2007) has a show cause hearing scheduled for April 4 to explain when he's going to pay the $1,224.00 he still owes for that case.


Revolving door at the Graybar Hotel: Mr. Steven Wayne Pendill

MDOC BannerMichigan.gov Banner
... Michigan.gov Home ... Contact MDOC  |   OTIS Help  |   MDOC's Most Wanted  |   Glossary   |   Disclaimer   |   MDOC Home
BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION                                                               
MDOC Number:
SID Number:
Racial Identification:
6' 4" 
220 lbs. 
Date of Birth:
03/10/1969  (44) 
Image Date:
Current Status:
  Supervision Begin Date:
Assigned Location:
Grand Traverse/Traverse City 
  Supervision Discharge Date:
Security Level:
  Date Paroled:







Scar- Back - outlaw

Tattoo- Lower Left Leg - sonic
  Sentence 1
Offense: Police Officer - Assault/Resist/Obstruct Minimum Sentence: 1 year 2 months 0 days
MCL#: 750.81D1 Maximum Sentence: 2 years 0 months
Court File#: 1111259-FH Date of Offense: 07/09/2011
County: Grand Traverse Date of Sentence: 08/25/2011
Conviction Type: Plea
  Sentence 2
Offense: Operating Intoxicated/Impaired/Controlled Substance - 3rd Minimum Sentence: 2 years 0 months 0 days
MCL#: 257.6256D Maximum Sentence: 5 years 0 months
Court File#: 0710358-FH Date of Offense: 05/18/2007
County: Grand Traverse Date of Sentence: 08/25/2011
Conviction Type: Plea
  Sentence 1
Offense: Asslt w/Int Comm Felony Minimum Sentence:
MCL#: 750.87 Maximum Sentence: 2 years 0 months
Court File#: DC93107 Date of Offense: 03/07/1993
County: Date of Sentence: 09/19/2002
Conviction Type: Plea Discharge Date: 09/19/2004
Discharge Reason: Offender Discharge
  Sentence 2
Offense: Operating Intoxicated/Impaired/Controlled Substance - 3rd Minimum Sentence:
MCL#: 257.6256D Maximum Sentence: 5 years 0 months
Court File#: 0710358 FH Date of Offense: 05/18/2007
County: Grand Traverse Date of Sentence: 08/03/2007
Conviction Type: Plea Discharge Date: 08/25/2011
Discharge Reason: Probation Violator New Sentence
01 - Contact agent no later than first business day after release

02 - Must not change residence

2.0 - Not use/possess alcohol/intoxicants or in place served

2.1 - Complete Sub Abuse or Re-Entry Program as referred by agent

03 - Must not leave state

3.2 - Complete psychological evaluation

3.3 - Treatment Program (mental health/other) approved by agent

3.4 - Complete Program

3.5 - Treatment disclosure to parole agent

3.7 - Complete tether program

04 - Not engage in any behavior that constitutes a violation

4.3 - Must reside at (location) when paroled

4.4 - Abide by a specified curfew as directed

4.16 - Obey all court orders

05 - Comply with alcohol and drug testing ordered by field agent

5.1 - May not drive

06 - Not associate with anyone you know to have a felony record

07 - Must not own or possess a firearm

7.1 - Pay cost of treatment

7.5 - State Costs

08 - Must not own, possess or use any object as a weapon

09 - Make earnest efforts to find and maintain employment

10 - Must comply w/special conditions, written and verbal orders
Horizontal Rule
Michigan Department of Corrections Footer Image Back to top of page

MONTANA MADNESS: Pendill's Yellowstone County records