Thursday, May 2, 2013

EXCLUSIVE-"The Trip Of A Lifetime"-Another David Lee Hunter Victim Tells Her Story

David Lee Hunter promised a dream vacation...and delivered a nightmare.

"Jane Doe", who lives outside the United States, tells a cautionary tale in her own words.

[At her request, the name and exact location of "Jane Doe" is being kept confidential]

I had known David Hunter for about 13 years, having met him online. We had never met in person, but chatted frequently on the phone. About 4 years ago, claiming he had separated from his then wife, Crystal, he called me with a proposition.

He wanted to fly me to Hawaii with the promise of a “trip of a lifetime”. He seemed genuine as we had spoken for a long time, and I believed him. I am a single mother of two boys and he knew my story and my struggles and said I deserved something wonderful.

David set a date and I organized time off from work. He said he would get his secretary to organize all the bookings and she would be in touch.with me. As it got closer to the date and I still hadn’t heard anything, I sent him numerous emails questioning what was happening as I had booked time off work.

Eventually he got back to me, saying that he had wired money to his mother to book my trip as he was on some island for business and he couldn’t wire the money from there. He claimed hadn’t sent his mother enough money and there was a shortfall. David asked if I would cover the difference and he would pay me back.

I wired it to his mother in Michigan, Kathleen Hunter, and waited. No ticket ever arrived and the “trip of a lifetime” went up in smoke, just like David’s promises. 

Since then, I was relentless in annoying him trying to get my money back. I heard all the excuses and promises under the sun from it being a “bad time” because someone had died to he was getting back together with Crystal and she would question the money going out of their account.

I tried shaming him on his Facebook page, but David blocked me and sent and an abusive message. I finally realized I was never going to see my money again, but I hounded him because I wasn’t going to give up. It wasn’t a lot compared to what he’s done to other people, but for me as a single mother it was a lot.

Even though David never repaid me, he claimed he had millions hidden away that he was hiding so Crystal wouldn't get her hands on it.

I’m so glad all this is coming to a head and karma is catching up with him. I hate him for what he’s done to me and other innocent, trusting people.



  1. He has no money hidden away! This is his story to many people...If he had money, he wouldn't have to constantly scam off others. In between scams, when his money runs out, he calls his mom (who enables his reckless lifestyle)for some help until he finds some new victim to leech off of. Once that person he is leeching off of/screwing over finds out they have been taken for a ride, he bails onto the next victim. That is how this sick twisted man lives his life. His freedom needs to be taken away!

    1. Thank you for your comment, John. If you know anyone who has been victimized by Hunter, encourage them to file a complaint. Your Miss Fortune explains it all at this post: http://www.glisteningquiveringunderbelly.blogspot.com/2013/05/ic3-internet-crime-complaint-center-how.html

  2. Hi. My name is Raven. I am his ex-fiancé. Hmm..would you even call it that, really?? I remember crystal clear receiving a phone call from his previous girlfriend when I was starving, lost and scared in Hawaii. Her words of what she 'guessed' I was going through, didn't ease my anxiety in any way. She hit too many coincidences-for instance, his tactics of manipulation such as 'pretending to hang himself' in front of me (guess he has done that one before); or telling everyone around me that I was crazy and cheating on him-while I walked around naïve, smiling & waiving at everyone (like our landlord). Nothing made sense in my world once we moved to Hawaii. I didn't even know my credit cards & my mothers were supporting us the entire 1.5 years while we were there. In fact, his mother in Michigan was working with him to hide this information. (Kind of feels like AA) Her last words were to appraise my engagement ring. I did. funny thing, I never really cared if it was real. I just thought I loved him. When I confronted him, he tried choking me. This is just the tip of he iceburg.

    I know David Lee Hunter-maybe too well in fact. I was one of his first preys-actually, I have remained friends with the poor girl prior to me. I have spent many years trying to recover from his m mental abuse, and the financials afterwards. And even more so trying to help the girl immediately after me-but nothing worked. THEN I saw this...

  3. p.s. He finds me every year. NEw York. Florida. Michigan. He was just here in August at my doorstep out of the blue around 10pm-telling me had tons of money hidden away in Fuji. Wanted to know if I could invite all of my friends over for a dinner and we could drink wine & talk politics. (WHAT??!!)Wanted to show off his Benz convertible. I think I even laughed, and asked him where he rented it from?? He was quite offended-but not offended enough to get the point.

    If I would just give him one more chance...he said. Mind you, he is FULLY aware I have tried to ruin his every relationship and have had to hurt innocent people along the way to get him. And he still thinks we are on good terms?? You better believe I didn't fall for that one (laugh) What an idiot..or shall I say 'malignant sociopath narcissist'. A few days later, I found out his mother & him were allowing a young girl to stay with them. My hunch was that was his 20 year old bait that they were milking off until he could flee. He had to go younger. More naïve. Play 'daddy'..

  4. one last comment! His second to prior girlfriend before me (are you following??), has a child with him as well. Well, he had two woman pregnant at the same time and was mentally abusing both. His mother was also fully part of this and even let one of them have a miscarriage without any medical help in the bathtub while Mr. Hunter went to the Knot Bar in Bay Harbor, Michigan. Long story short, she is embarrassed to be affiliated with him and does not want her little girl to be affected by this at all..BUT has privately face booked me, to let me share her story. As well as he owes her $28, 000. What a charmer.