Friday, May 10, 2013


In this final installment of David Hunter's "Sexual Healing" (the working title of the Marvin Gaye biopic), we look inside the proposal and see things are not adding up.

"Top Sheet"...for the production, not your bed.

Well, look who's in bed with director Julien Temple and producer Frederick Bestall? It's "Executive Producer" David Hunter and his cohort, Peace Corps recruiter Meleia Egger. At least there are no misspelled words...on the first page. The scam starts to unravel, with the first non-existent entity--BBH Special Opportunities Holdings, LLC--popping up on the second page that follows.


































Is it "manor" or "manner"? Who cares if you're making money! Check out the first sentence!




















The "Ten Commandants"? Wasn't that a movie, too? Hunter grabs an Informant Media flow chart and keeps on chugging...see it below.
















On May 7th, location filming for "Sexual Healing" was suspended by the film's director, Julien Temple. Sources close to the production insisted that the unexpected delay will not affect the sales drive in Cannes, where the film is being launched to buyers.

The film looks at ex-Motown superstar Gaye’s years in Belgium – the time he spent living in the sleepy seaside town of Ostend in the early 1980s. Facing drug problems and tax bills, Gaye was considered a spent force but, against the odds, he then recorded Midnight Love, one of his greatest albums.

“We have suspended the shoot for 2 weeks due to unavailability of certain locations, which has lead us to unavailability of certain cast members and vice versa,” stated producer Jimmy de Brabant of Luxembourg-based DeLux Productions. “We have completed 70% of the shoot and are extremely happy with what we are seeing.”

De Brabant added that Focus Features “are presenting the film in Cannes with a great promo reel.”

The delays are understood to have been caused by the lack of access to key venues in Ostend, among them the concert hall and the basketball arena.

Focus Features executives confirm that production is expected to resume in early June...without David Lee Hunter!

Have you had enough? Me too! 

Say goodnight, Marilyn.


  1. As I was reading Meleia Egger’s bio I was beginning to wonder how and why she became an executive producer for a biopic of such a huge American icon and then I got to it, “Ms. Egger has a strong network of clients, and her family has been a strong instrument in providing initial capital to help fund…” Ah, now I get it. I hope she’s able to run before her family loses too much.