Friday, May 24, 2013


"My finances and career is none of your business, you think you are so smart but I have not lied to once.  It will all come out in the end...................."

That's not dialogue from the awesome show "Justified".

It's part of the true story of a blogger threatened... with a defamation suit!

You'll laugh. 

You'll cry.   

You'll feel like you've been left alone in a room filling with some sort of gas that makes your brain feel all wibbly-wobbly.

You'll plotz from so much fun!

Let's get started.


It is true that your girl Miss Fortune received a letter via email purportedly from a lawyer in South Africa on behalf of  
BLOV LLC, its directors and employees, including Shay Hutchison.

Here's the letter Miss Fortune received from the Shayster's shyster (I've redacted my real name):

The controversy started when Miss Fortune questioned the legitimacy of a proposed "major music festival" David Lee Hunter boasted about on his Facebook page in April. You can read the story and see all the pictures at this link:


You'll notice how the letter above does not mention David Lee Hunter, only BLOV and Hutchison.

Hunter did send me a "demand letter", where he "herby" demanded me to remove all content pertaining to him:

Hmmm? Wonder if that's Dave's real signature? Let's compare it with a signature that appeared on a "contract" Hunter signed for a "deal" he made a couple years ago:

You be the judge. By the way, that deal? It was proven to be bogus! 

(My lawyer has advised me not to use that pesky "s" word anymore.)

And what does Dave have to say for himself? Well, we don't know, but this comment he sent to the blog might provide some insight into the psyche of this psycho:

I don't see you posting any other demand letters? I wonder why that is? Cat got your tongue? You lost your house and live as a grown woman with your father. You are a joke that has no money to defend what is coming your way. Once you are brought to justice, I can re-turn myself in and have due process. I feel bad for your father who's home you use as base camp for cyber crime.

You have to have character in order to sue someone for a reputation injury, in order to sue for defamation of character. If you have an incredibly poor reputation, you’re not going to have much of a defamation claim. In the legal profession, there’s a doctrine called the "libel-proof plaintiff". 

A libel-proof plaintiff is a person whose general reputation is already so bad as to be impossible to defame further.

So is it possible that David Lee Hunter is a "potential business partner" of Hutchison and Greg Stevens? Anything is possible.

But ask yourself this question: who's zoomin' who?

Bart: Hey guys, just so you don't hear any wild rumors, I'm being indicted for fraud in Australia.

Homer: Pfft. That's no reason to block the TV.


  1. This soon-to-be-convict isn't suing anyone. The way he threatens you makes that obvious - he's practically begging you to just stop. This schizoid would never waltz into a courthouse or wherever the paperwork is filed with felony warrants out on his dumb ass, nor would a lawyer take such a case. Absurd. And the other guy? Nah, it's all smoke and mirrors.

    So he makes a vague reference to his future vindication while running from the law... hmmm, very likely, yes! "I's gon' be 'rested, but I's gon' git the troof out!" Okay, pal, we believe you.

    By the way, Monty Python references rock!!!!

  2. LOL.. he said "career".

  3. http://qkme.me/3ujqte

  4. If you are found guilty in a South African libel suit then you will have to miss the "major music festival" in December.

    1. Damn! And I just found a très chic little head wrap, too.

  5. See this: http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=116565 and scroll down (or Ctrl+F to search page for Louis Herbert) to the post/reply titled "Rhett Molyneux and Louis Herbert (Attorneys)"
    as it cannot possibly be a coincidence that Atty Louis Herbert's name is found in the aforementioned scam board entry entitled "Rhett Molyneux and other property scams". Whetehr this is a real letter from a real attorney could be questioned but to find this guy's name here is laughable!

  6. So why wasn't this sent from a Attorney in the United States? If "they" have been briefed why didn't they send the letter about this. Besides the fact all of your post have been about a Mr. David Hunter and this attorney makes no mention of him. And is this Louis Herbert involved in this "festival" since he refers to it as "OUR" company?
    If this "company is reputable" why have they not provided more information to prove so? When you go online to look for them you find nothing!

    1. So many questions...wonder who can answer them?