Friday, May 3, 2013

Breaking News! OOPS, HE DID IT AGAIN! Notorious Registered Sex Offender Dr. Bruce P. Langlois Sets Up Spay Neuter Express Van Today Less Than 1,000 Feet From Michigan Elementary School

Ionia County police apply "sporadic" exception, Langlois not arrested

Police visited Dr. Bruce Langlois this afternoon during a scheduled stop at a Mobile Veterinarian Clinic at the Village of Pewamo's DPW Garage on Lincoln Street. A few short blocks away, at 430 W. Jefferson, is the Pewamo-Westphalia Elementary School. Pewamo is an Ionia County, Michigan, village of less than 500 people.

As I wrote in the story published on this blog March 29, 2013 (The Seriously Twisted Story of Dr. Bruce Langlois), Langlois is a registered sex offender, with lifetime supervision by the State of Michigan as a two-time loser. As a Tier III offender, Langlois is one of the worst of the worst.
Langlois was convicted twice for CSC 4th degree. According to official State of Michigan court records, in 1995 Langlois plead guilty to one count of Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree after an incident with his receptionist/office assistant. The victim had worked for Langlois since 1994. Langlois testified that he and the woman "had become friends", and admitted in court that he "misinterpreted her behavior as flirtatious", also known as the "she asked for it" defense.

Langlois admitted that the incident occurred in the office while the receptionist was on a stool, reaching for something and he "put his hands up her shorts on her bottom in an attempt to stop the fall". Langlois went on to admit that he had attempted to put his fingers in the woman's vagina. 

In October 2011, the Allegan County Educational Service Agency (AAESA) held a free spay and neuter clinic in the AAESA’s Allegan County Area Technical Education Center’s parking lot. Langlois, working in his mobile surgical van, was assisted by students, all high school seniors and juniors.

Langlois was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for violating the law that prohibits sex offenders from working, living and loitering within 1,000 feet of a school.

According to the State of Michigan statute that governs sex offenders, an exception to the rule applies to those who "only intermittently or sporadically enter a student safety zone for the purpose of work". However, this exception does not apply to an individual who initiates or maintains contact with a minor within a student safety zone.

Police today determined that Langlois' presence within the "1,000 foot school safety zone", as defined by that Michigan law, was "sporadic" and did not arrest him. 

I guess it does matter how you define "sporadic"

If you mean occurring at irregular intervals; having no pattern or order in time, then you may not agree with how police handled Langlois' presence in their village.

Looks to me like the not-so-good doctor has six clinics lined up through early June. Sure doesn't seem kosher--or sporadic--to your girl Miss Fortune.

But you be the judge. 

The screen capture shown below was still available on the Village of Pewamo's website as this report was posted: http://villageofpewamo.com/

UPDATE: May 4 @ 2:00PM--The Village of Pewamo has removed the schedule from its website, although the dates shown below still appear on the Spay Neuter Express mobile schedule http://spayneuterexpress.com/custom_content/c_180431_our_mobile_schedule.html

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