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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: PEOPLE IN HELL WILL GET ICE WATER! Judge Approves Robert Buckhannon's Request To Modify Conditions Of Pretrial Supervision...He's Going To Ecuador (A Sunny Place For Shady People!)

Well, there's another judge in Nevada who's never heard
of Chuck E. Cheese!

U. S. Magistrate Judge George Foley, Jr. approved Robert Buckhannon's request to modify the terms of his pretrial release, flee the United States, and travel to a country that's soft on money laundering and weak on extraditing suspected hedge fund fraudsters — especially those who own real estate in the country.

Yes, the “crooked chiropractor” is flying down to Ecuador to celebrate his mother's 75th birthday! 

(Did any one of those federal geniuses ever wonder why Buckhannon is flying out of Miami at 9:55pm on October 26, his mother's actual birthday? And did they verify that Buckhannon's mother is also flying down to Ecuador with her son?)

Leaving October 26, and scheduled to return to Miami (ay papi!) on November 13...that's one hell of a party, if he does return!

(Hey, how do you say 'be on the lookout' in Spanish?)


  1. He will never return to the US wanna bet?

    1. I'll take that wager...and I might even double down!

      He's gone, gone like the wind.

      With $13.1 million still missing from his fraudulent, cratered "hedge fund", Buckhannon's got enough dough to hide out in South America for the rest of his miserable life.

  2. My sources tell me he has no intention of returning to die in prison. how stupid can the government be to let him go? I'm assuming they think he will resurface and be extradited back just like every other hedge fund criminal. "robby boy" doesn't have the stomach for prison life. And you are correct he has money hidden somewhere.....