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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

MOTION TO QUASH! Deborah Ingersoll Cites 'Marital Privilege' In September 15 Motion To Quash Federal Subpoena; Legal Maneuver To Wiggle Out Of Testifying Against Her Charter-Cheater, Convicted Felon Husband, Steven Ingersoll, During October 20 Sentencing Hearing

It looks like Deborah Ingersoll, proprietress of Bay City's Historic Webster House Bed & Breakfast and the soon-to-be-opened Perry House, won't be heading down to metro Detroit's Somerset Collection to shop for stylish new garb to wear during hubby Steven Ingersoll's upcoming October 20 federal sentencing hearing.

Kenneth R. Sasse, Mrs. Ingersoll's Lake Orion-based attorney, filed a “motion to quash” yesterday (September 15) in U. S. District Court in Bay City, seeking to avoid having Mrs. Ingersoll testify during the October 20 hearing on sentencing issues scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. (Mrs. Ingersoll has already been served with a subpoena by the government.)

The motion reveals that Deborah Ingersoll, on “advise of counsel”, intends to assert her marital privilege and her Fifth Amendment privilege (AKA “the right against self-incrimination”) if called to testify against her hubby/partner-in-crime. 

This skin-saving move appears to be driven by a healthy slab of self-preservation: Deborah Ingersoll was charged in Count One of the indictment (bank fraud) and acquitted.

However, in the motion, Sasse asserts the following:

“Additionally, Deborah Ingersoll has a valid Fifth Amendment privilege. Ms. Ingersoll was charged only in Count Two of the Indictment. The judgment of acquittal would likely bar, on double jeopardy grounds, a second federal prosecution on this charge. It would not, however, bar the State of Michigan from proceeding with a similar charge.

Ms. Ingersoll’s fear of prosecution, however, is not limited to a state court charge based on the bank fraud allegations. Steven Ingersoll was convicted of various tax related charges. Ms. Ingersoll, according to evidence introduced at trial, signed various documents, including tax returns, and conducted banking transactions. She is potentially at risk of the same type charges as those brought against her husband, state court action under state fraud and tax statutes, and currency reporting violations in this district and in the Western District of Michigan/

Given the government’s willingness to charge Ms. Ingersoll in the instant case she certainly is justified in assuming that anything she says will be used in some fashion to prosecute her again.”

In the motion, Deborah Ingersoll's attorney, Kenneth Sasse, reveals he contacted Assistant U.S. Attorney Janet Parker regarding the matter. Although Parker “does not concur in the relief requested”, she agreed that a motion was appropriate. 

Miss Fortune will bring you U. S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington's order as soon as it's issued. 

In the meantime, Deb Ingersoll might want to toddle over to Kohl's...Miss Fortune hears the store's having a terrific fall sale on fashionable duds for two-faced swindlers!


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  1. Interesting turn of events. Has the state shown any interest in prosecuting the Ingersolls at all? The current AG surely wouldn't sully his office with prosecuting a fine capitalist/philanthropist like Steve Ingersoll and wife. He's far too busy going after medical marijuana dispensaries and gay couples wanting to marry and adopt children together.