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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

BACK TO SCHOOL 101: The Definitive Steven Ingersoll/Grand Traverse Academy Fraud Timeline

Wow, if I had a nickel for each person reached...I've have nearly $31.00 dollars (approximately $3,499,969 less than the Ingersoll gang's take!)
When you read the entire three-part series, keep these facts in mind: the Grand Traverse Academy's Board of Directors was aware Steve Ingersoll was under federal investigation (and likely to be indicted) nearly a year before he was formally charged — and still left him in control of its money. 

In addition, although the Board's attorney demanded repayment of Ingersoll's estimated $3.5 million dollar debt, the Smart Schools Management, Inc. contract was never amended to include the repayment plan's terms. 

And finally, Academy spokespersons (including Mark Noss and Brad Habermehl) publicly made ludicrous statements about the misappropriation they likely knew were false — both attended the May 20, 2013 Board meeting where the duo's crony, Steven Ingersoll, told them he was under federal investigation.

Here's the entire series:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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