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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"FIRE SALE IN MIDLAND STREET HISTORIC DISTRICT" Steven Ingersoll's Bay City Real Estate Sell-O-Rama Continues; 6 Properties Hit The Market!

“Will need to sign waiver to enter building as the floor in some areas are (sic) unsafe.” - 106 S. Linn Street property listing
You can add 106 S. Linn Street in Bay City (above) to the bulging list of distressed properties convicted felon Steven Ingersoll is desperately trying to dump to raise much-needed cash before federal officials shut him down with an “asset forfeiture restraining order”.

Including 1501 Center Avenue, a total of six Ingersoll-owned properties have hit the market within the last 30 days. And all six are cash only sales.

In addition to the Linn Street property, described by its broker as a fire sale, Ingersoll also listed the following Bay City buildings: 1022 N. Birney Street, 1900 Broadway (two properties, one commercial and one residential), 909 6th Street and 1501 Center Avenue.

Let's take a look at the properties, beginning with 1022 N. Birney Street, listed at $58,700.

Reportedly used by Ingersoll as a rental, the 1,152 sq. ft. home was built in 1900 and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms...and a garage with a collapsed roof (rendering it useless).

Two other buildings (one commercial, another residential) are listed at 1900 Broadway as a sort of “crumbling building BOGO”: buy the gutted former International Order of Odd Fellows Building, and get the crappy abandoned house next door...free! 

And what will you get for your $32,000?  “Plenty of funkiness and old Chicago Brick.” 

Yeah, I'm all about that!

And if you'd prefer your new-to-you as-is dump to be located in close proximity to Ingersoll's so-called “Arts District”, this $22,000 4-bedroom beauty may be just the ticket!

Located at 909 6th Street, this circa 1890 residence features two bathrooms and is coyly described by the broker as “under renovation”.
(I believe that's a real estate euphemism for “gutted and abandoned”.)

But there's one “fire sale” missing from this list of Ingersoll's jewels: 616 N. Grant Street.

Now that's what I call a real “fire sale”! (The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!)

Burn, baby, burn...cash, that is.

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  1. And tomorrow's the big day! Do you think he will sell all of these off before his hearing?