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Friday, September 25, 2015

HOW DOES A LAWYER SUE A CLIENT? VERY CAREFULLY, UNLESS THAT CLIENT IS STEVEN INGERSOLL! Metro Detroit Attorney Martin Crandall's Firm Clark Hill PLC Sues The Ingersolls For Non-Payment. (What Did He Think Would Happen?)

On Monday, September 21, the Detroit law firm of Clark Hill PLC filed a complaint in Bay County's 18th Circuit Court, seeking an unspecified amount (over $25,000) from Deborah and Steven Ingersoll (and Bay City's Historic Webster House, owned by the duo) for non-payment of legal fees due the firm. Clark Hill's Martin E. Crandall represented Ingersoll during his recent federal tax fraud trial, also serving as his attorney during plea negotiations in 2014 prior to Ingersoll's indictment.

According to the firm's website, Crandall began his legal career in Detroit in 1976, as law clerk to the Hon. Lawrence Gubow, United States District Court Judge. In 1979, he took the position of assistant U.S. attorney for the United States Attorney’s Office, in the Eastern District of Michigan. 

Working as a federal prosecutor, with most U.S., Michigan and Canadian law enforcement agencies, as well as federal grand juries, he prosecuted a variety of both “white collar” and “street” offenses. During this time, Crandall gained extensive experience in prosecuting offenses involving conspiracy, interstate transportation of stolen property, smuggling, immigration violations, bank robbery and embezzlement, commercial bribery, controlled substance violations, money laundering, extortion, arson, tax fraud and organized crime, including numerous racketeering and union-related offenses. 

Funny, you think with that background, Crandall would have seen this one coming!

I'm betting the Ingersolls will file a malpractice counterclaim.

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If pickles were 10 cents a truckload I couldn't buy a wart off a cucumber!

I'm so broke, just to rub two nickels together, I'd have to borrow one.

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I'm so broke, the bank asked for their calendar back.

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If I stopped on a dime, I'd probably owe it to someone.

Someone saw me kicking a can down the street, and when asked what I was doing I said, "Moving."

I'm so broke I can't afford to pay attention!

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