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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

QUR’AN GOT IT GOIN’ ON: Islamic Prophet Muhammad Nails Hypocrisy

Entrepreneur Steve Ingersoll called the prevailing wage a "constraint" that keeps the commission from focusing on value and dollars. "Your job as commissioners is not to manipulate the marketplace, in contract services or commodities."
-Bay City Times
February 7, 2012
During its February 6, 2012 meeting, the Bay City Commission had three agenda items open for public comment. While no one attending the meeting spoke about the first two, the third — a motion to repeal the city’s prevailing wage ordinance — sparked a wave of reaction during the meeting. (A prevailing wage law mandates union scale wages on government-funded construction projects, regardless of who wins the bid.)

The Commission earlier had voted during its January 23, 2012 meeting to amend the city ordinance, making all contracts under $100,000 exempt from the prevailing wage guidelines. The second, confirming vote was required by Bay City to formally enact its decision.

And guess which tax deadbeat leech was quoted in the Bay City Times, urging the Commissioners to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars and vote to repeal the prevailing wage ordinance?

If you guessed Steven Ingersoll, you'd be correct! (OK, you saw his quote at the top of this post.) 

Yes, the same Steven Ingersoll whose Bay City Academy/Roy Bradley off-the-books construction crew laborers were paid a grand total of $250 dollars (cash money!) for a 60-hour week

And the same Steven Ingersoll who stopped paying Bay City property taxes in 2011 and, by February 2012, had likely embezzled millions of taxpayer dollars from the Grand Traverse Academy.

Yeah, that guy!

That Prophet Muhammad really knew what he was talking about.


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