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Saturday, July 18, 2015

COMING MONDAY: Part II-Steven Ingersoll Presentencing Report Wrap

So, can I take that to mean they were all in it together?

Yeah, I thought so!

MONDAY: Ingersoll’s Leadership Role in the Criminal Conspiracy; Tax Loss Assessment—SSM/SSI Distributions to Ingersoll; Ingersoll’s Financial Solvency


  1. No question about it: They should all be indicted, be charged with penalties, and go to prison.

  2. I hope the federal prison he is sent to is far away and he spends his balance of life alone and lonely. Giving him 15 years to regret stealing the education from children. Stupid selfish worm.

    1. Does anyone know if he can even be sentenced to an in-state federal prison? I thought there was one - but, most likely out of state. I am not real familiar with where the crooks go.

  3. Looks like Steve needs some housekeepers. Maybe he fired the Bradleys?


  4. Or maybe, Mr. Lynch and his Mitten Bay Management Co. want to further distance themselves from anything related to Ingersoll? Maybe to bolster enrollment? Maybe to shave off some more money?