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Thursday, July 9, 2015

IT ALL STARTED WITH KAYE: Miss Fortune Takes A Look Back At The Grand Traverse Academy's Public Disinformation Campaign

Disinformation combines truth, what people want to be true, and cleverly disguised outright falsehoods.

If you suspect people are only telling you a half-truth, don’t be afraid to ask, “Is there anything you are not telling me?”

Miss Fortune takes a look back at what clearly was a campaign of lies and distortion — using each liar's own words.

COMING TOMORROW: Another exclusive exposé, only from Miss Fortune!

Here's a peak:

April 22, 2014 

The Grand Traverse Academy Board’s public cover-up of Steven Ingersoll’s massive financial misappropriation officially begins with Kaye Mentley. 

In a lengthy question-and-answer “interview” posted on the Academy's website (which remained online after Mentley was kicked to the curb, but has since been deleted), Kaye Mentley asserted that Ingersoll’s charges “do not involve Grand Traverse Academy” and claimed “to our knowledge, Dr. Ingersoll’s legal issues are personal.”

Mentley’s commentary glossed over the fact the indictment alleged that Ingersoll “sought to use part of the Chemical Bank construction loan proceeds that had been diverted to his personal Fifth-Third Bank account to reduce his indebtedness to the Grand Traverse Academy” from management fee advances Ingersoll had “made to himself from funds belonging to the Grand Traverse Academy.”


  1. Would love to know just how much taxpayer money Kaye Mentley got paid to go away.

    1. So would Miss Fortune, but it's likely we will never know.