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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

THEY BLEW IT! ABC News "Nightline" Shelved Per Wickstrom Exposé; Dan Harris Interviewed Wickstrom At Monroe, Michigan Drug Summit...in December 2013!

Michigan Scientologist Per Wickstrom, speaking at a June 25 event in Detroit, extolled the virtues of rehabilitation rather than incarceration for those facing minor drug possession charges.

The National Baptist Convention's 110th Annual Session of the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education Health and Wellness Initiative, held June 22-26 at Detroit's Cobo Convention Center, featured the Convention's annual “Health Outreach and Prevention Education” (H.O.P.E.) Health Fair.

And Wickstrom, described in the event's press the founder and CEO of Battle Creek's A Forever Recovery, sponsored the Health Fair.

Wickstrom, whose A Forever Recovery was described as “an open-ended holistic treatment center for addiction located in Southwest Michigan”, hosted workshops, a leadership luncheon and a sponsor booth, where information was available for those interested in learning more about addiction and treatment options. 

However, it's likely no one in the audience had heard of Wickstrom, or knew what was hiding behind his facade.

But they might have learned more if ABC News hadn't dropped the ball on its Wickstrom exposé — a story that was supposed to air in January 2014.


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  1. If the national media doesn't expose him, we're glad you did, Miss Fortune. Hope the Baptists find out his true track record and blow the lid off his Scientology cult relationship. Once they know he's in Scientology, it's the end of any possible relationship between any Christian organization and this cult.