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Saturday, July 11, 2015


A Ripoff Report filed June 5 deserves a wider audience. 

Featured on Reaching For The Tipping Point, the post claims to relate the experience of a New Jersey resident recently "treated" at Per Wickstrom's "ramshackle" Battle Creek facility, Best Drug Rehabilitation — and I have no reason not to believe its author. It's so similar to others, including those who've spoken to me personally and provided documentation.

It's being reprinted here without editing:

Ok to start off with I don't even know they got my phone number but they called me.

The girl I spoke to raved about the place how it's like a resort there's physical trainers massage therapists saunas hot tubs ect. They tell me they pay for transportation to and from not to worry. So I get on a plane that night with nothing but a small bag and $25.

I get there at 3am and this place is a ramshackle. They have ten bunk beds to a room and I might as well have been laying on a cot for all the comfort there was. They tried to force me to take suboxone which makes me nauseas instead of subutex. Finally got the subutex.

But I am on two medications for bipolar depression and insomnia. They refused to allow me either one. Without even talking to my doc they just cut them off.

The food gets delivered from another place it's usually disgusting most days it's always running about an hour to an hour and a half late. Now they did give massages there but they were not from massage therapists.

There is no program at detox you just sit around all day smoking and trying to find ways to waste time.

After about a week you're transferred to another facility which as you pull up you see this beautiful complex that's in the adds then you go around the bend and see the real building the other is a senior development next door that they've used in their adds.

The place is crazy they don't tell you this place is a Scientology based rehab which they spend the next 30-90 days force feeding you.

They patients are paying for their stay but yet are forced to clean the building from top to bottom everyday and if not you get fined or forced to write a 5 page essay as to why you didn't feel you needed to.

Now they do feed you but every other service has to paid for. The use of different facilities the massage therapists saunas everything all that they play up to con you into coming has to be paid for.

Now more than this if for some reason you can't complete the whole program to what they think and they don't tell you if you're doing a 30, 60, or 90 day program till several days after you get to the second facility and if ou don't complete what they say you're dumped out on the street in Michigan. They will not send you home like they said on the initial conversation.

So here I am trapped 800 miles from home with no way to back. They tried to refuse me my blood pressure meds I had to threaten to call 911 to get it.

By this point I was really going out of my mind without having slept in over a week and no bipolar depression meds. I was getting to the point of suicidal thoughts. When I told the counselor this he just looked at me and said nothing. This was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I've been to other rehabs over the years and never subjected to mind f**king that these people throws to give.

With their giant picture of L Ron Hubbard in the cafeteria. I implore you keep looking if you need treatment there are so many REAL treatment facilities. 

Do not go to best drug rehab it will be a huge regret.

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