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Saturday, July 18, 2015

RIPOFF REPORT REPLY: Miss Fortune Responds To Critic; Will He Need More Chiropractic Neck Manipulation? Let's Hope So!

On June 27, 2014, some genius (that's sarcasm, by the way) calling himself "glisteningquiveringidiot" posted a complaint about my blog (using my real name) on Ripoff Report. 

Preceded days before by a Google blog that popped up on June 23, 2014 under the same profile name (glisteningquiveringidiot), the Ripoff complaint alleged that I “failed to investigate the facts”, even claiming that used the blog to “inflate my own ego”.

Although I initally decided not to dignify the stupidity with a response, I've subsequently learned the Ripoff Report complaint has had a negative impact on my reputation.

And since Ripoff Report will not remove any posts, I've responded — twice! Don't you just want to find out if I've "named names", and if one of them is yours?

And just think, your name will be out there forever!

You can read both rebuttals right here.


  1. Miss Fortune...you are doing the honest, hard-working citizens a true and needed service. The only ones to complain are those who have committed fraud and/or ripped off the public, and don't want the light of truth shining on their darkness. Keep up the great work! Many good people are rooting for you!

  2. The Ingersoll crooks and company may complain about the truth. The rest of us enjoy it.

  3. Yes, many many people understand the persistent effort you put into your writing. You seem to be the only one out there willing to fight for what is right. There is no bending of the truth here, just facts pure facts. You work exceptionally hard for all of us.Thank you for your ability to shine light on these shady individuals and give hope to so many people that want honesty and justice to prevail. Your hard work and ethics are are a terrific example of bravery to all of us. You are a true hero that goes after justice until every fact is uncovered.
    I applaud you!

  4. Love it. While there are so many people that fear challenging the likes of Buckhanon, Ingersoll and other crooks, it's also good to remember it's the whole United States of America vs Ingersoll, or United States of America vs Buckhanon, etc. Even though many have given up for fear or intimidation, truth and justice will ultimately triumph. In the criminal cases, so many of us love the phrase: United States vs. 'Crook'. That's over 300,000,000 people vs the bad guy(s).