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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I'M COMING OUT: Convicted Charlevoix Craigslist Rental Scammer David Lee Hunter May Be Released From Prison Within Days

The State of Michigan's Department of Corrections calls you Inmate #890892, but you'll always be ‘El Davo the Hunted’ to Miss Fortune!
David Lee Hunter, who plead guilty in September 2013 to two felony counts of conversion by false pretenses, could be sprung from the Grey Bar Hotel in a matter of days. Hunter parlayed a one-month rental of a home at 412 Wadsworth Street in Traverse City during the summer of 2012 into a Craiglist scam that ensnared six people in a web of financial deception.

During his sentencing, Hunter claimed that he had held an open house and did not anticipate that six people would all want to rent the property. Claiming to be working with a property management company, Hunter said that he had found substitute properties for five of his prospective tenants.

And that was all that the Honorable Philip E. Rodgers, Jr. was having from David Lee Hunter.

Reviewing Hunter's version of the events, Rodgers said he didn't know if Hunter was "delusional of the smoothest con man he'd ever met".  Either way, Rodgers said Hunter was "not normal".

David Lee Hunter, the man who in the past had claimed to be a movie producer, a record mogul, and a property owner, stood in silence while Rodgers reminded him that he'd never "accepted responsibility" for his Craigslist scam. 

In addition, the additional victim impact statements submitted for consideration indicated that Hunter had a "long history in California and Hawaii" of scamming money from people, and then "walking away from victims left with nothing". 

Rodgers sentenced Hunter to 23-60 months in prison. In addition, Hunter will have to repay the remaining $8,079.32 in restitution to his victims. 

Hunter, out on bond while awaiting trial in December 2012, tested positive for alcohol and left Michigan, running like a scared rabbit.

He was captured on July 16, 2013 courtesy of a reader of this blog, who provided crucial information leading to Hunter's arrest at a Chicago airport hotel. 

An official at the Charles Egeler Reception and Guidance Center corrections facility in Jackson, Michigan, confirmed to Miss Fortune today that although Hunter is eligible for release on June 14, no paperwork has been issued. 

More details on Hunter's release, and his background, in the the coming days.

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