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Thursday, June 4, 2015

DR. BRUCE LANGLOIS: Pervy Purveyor of Puppy and Pussy Cat Surgical Services Responds To License Suspension, "No Idea At All...Completely Blindsided"

Four days after I broke the news on this blog, western Michigan news media has finally covered the May 31 "summary suspension" of the license of veterinarian Dr. Bruce Langlois. 

Langlois reportedly told WOOD-TV/News 8 on Wednesday that he had no idea the suspension was coming.

“No idea at all,” the station quoted Langlois as saying. “Completely blindsided on it. Nobody talked to me. Nothing at all. I just found it in my pile of mail when I got home.”

You'd expect Langlois, whose license to practice has been suspended three times and had a total of seven complaints filed against him by the State of Michigan, would know what to expect.

Wouldn't you?

And you'd expect Langlois to come up with a better excuse than a simple "clerical error" to explain away the negligence and inaction alleged against him in the 18-page complaint filed against him by Michigan's Attorney General Bill Schuette on May 22, 2014, wouldn't you?

Langlois, a registered sex offender with lifetime supervision, plead guilty in 1995 to one count of Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree after an incident with his receptionist/office assistant. 

The woman had worked for Langlois since 1994. Langlois testified that he and the woman had become friends, and admitted in court that he "misinterpreted her behavior as flirtatious", also known as the "she asked for it" defense.

Langlois admitted that the incident occurred in the office while the receptionist was on a stool, reaching for something and he "put his hands up her shorts on her bottom in an attempt to stop the fall". Langlois went on to admit that he had attempted to put his fingers in the woman's vagina.

(A transvaginal grip is such a novel way to avert a fall, don't you think?)

Although unlicensed in the state, Langlois conducted a three-day spay/neuter clinic in Tennessee last fall. 

Another "clerical error", or did Langlois not understand the law? 

Watch this space.

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