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Monday, June 1, 2015

WHAT...ONLY $15,000? Mysterious Buyer's Representative Offers Miss Fortune...Oh, Hell--It's Just Another Scam!

Someone really, really, really wants to silence Miss Fortune...for the wretchedly small sum of $15,000!

Less than 48 hours before suspicious sign-in activity on my account was flagged by Google, some joker sent me the email shown above.

Funny, looking at the official Escrow.com process map at left almost makes this email look like a ransom note!

"The money will be released when the media assets have been turned over to me."

Miss Fortune thinks somebody binge-watched too many episodes of "The Blacklist".

Go back and try again...and add a few more zeroes!


  1. It's either a scam, or some of those crooks and their shady attorneys are hoping to silence you and silence truth! And besides, some of the sites your blog points to are not yours... for example, Up North Progressive, and the article(s) by different reporters/journalists from the Detroit Free Press and other places... Stick to your great guns, Miss Fortune.... who knows, you may land a movie with all your great, accurate investigations! And we'd all say "Hurray!"

  2. Miss Fortune, thank you so much for your diligent work.