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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NO SCHOOL FOR YOU! For-Profit Leona Group Closes Last High School In Highland Park; No Longer "Fea$ible" To Operate A High School

Here in Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder privatized and gave away whole school districts to for-profit education corporations—so they can be in charge of the schools and the money funding them, with everything being outsourced to those for-profit companies.

Everything...including the unilateral decision to shutter the last remaining high school in Lincoln Park.

All of this, and what results from it, is what corporate reformers call “school choice” and “the invisible hand of the free market” at work.

“But wait, my ‘choice’ is to have my children attend a tradition public school in my neighborhood, under the oversight of a democratic school board that my fellow citizens and I elect. Can’t I have THAT choice?” 

In a word, no.

In the case of Highland Park, the charter school is run by the Leona Group and that management company has absolutely no duty or responsibility to the public outside the terms of the contract the charter school entered into. The management company has completely and utterly privatized the school district in every real way that matters to anyone.

In its story, the World Socialist Web Site examines the history of the Leona Group and its devastating impact on Highland Park's displaced students.

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