Friday, April 8, 2016

STEVEN INGERSOLL + INTEGRATED VISUAL LEARNING + MARK NOSS = $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $. Miss Fortune Finds Clues To Noss/Ingersoll Six-Figure Payoff Scheme Days Before Noss Took Over Grand Traverse Academy In 2014; Putting The Pieces Together.

It's starting to make sense, and the pieces are falling into place.

On January 10, 2016, I published a story disclosing an email thread between Steven Ingersoll, former Grand Traverse Academy superintendent Kaye Mentley and Lake Superior State University's (LSSU) Bruce Harger. (Harger, former head of LSSU's Charter School office, was identified by Brad Habermehl during his December 8, 2015 sentencing hearing testimony as one of the investors investing in a proposed Steven Ingersoll-led 'school project'.) 

Among the emails, obtained from LSSU via a Freedom of Information Act request, was Ingersoll's March 17, 2014 response addressing Harger's perception Mentley was moving the GTA away from Ingersoll's Integrated Visual Learning (IVL) and Icon Mapping.

You can read the entire exchange here, but it clearly forced Ingersoll, like a wounded animal, into a fight response.

Seen in the light of  newly-released evidence exposing the $300,000 paid to Ingersoll over the last two years by Full Spectrum Management's Mark Noss, it shows Ingersoll was clearly concerned about a loss of influence:

“I will no longer be available to help implement the important contribution of visual learning at the Academy. Dr. Noss is fully capable and I pray willing to carry on in my absence in this regard. I have and continue to sacrifice for the excellence and indeed very existence of GTA. I cannot abide excision of my work from the history and future of the Academy.”  

Looks like those prayers worked...at least for a while.


  1. While Lynch thinks there were 'invisible dots' that Mr. Brunner was connecting, you, Miss Fortune, have been connecting so many dots in the Ingersoll/Noss/Lynch/Habermehl/GTA/BCA fiasco. For that and all the research you do, we thank you.

  2. When is this fiasco going to end. I am sick of the dishonest people in office supporting the charter business and taking taxpayers money. There is no way in hell Bay City Academy should have been given a 5 year plan. The people at LSSU and the MDE are bought and paid for by the charter school advocates. Everyone that has information needs to get it to the feds, so these people can be put in jail where they belong. It would be one thing if they had honest people working there and running the charter, but they don't. There are so many lies floating around that school they must have a hard time keeping track of them all. Right send your children to a school that cheats and lies, work for a school that cheats and lies. My god people where is your integrity. Brian Lynch is in this for one reason, to keep Ingersoll's money flowing and to support his family in the style his wife is accustom to and no other reason. Disgusting that the MDE is so easily bought off and doesn't even check to see if they really are doing what they say they are doing. At this point I wouldn't trust the MDE anyway.

  3. Take my word for it please!
    Bay City Academy doesn't even have a cafeteria fed like Jail inmates.
    NO GYM...all they have it is a bumper sticker saying Bay City Academy!makes everybody feel cozy an important.
    and if you're late picking up your kids you're going to pay them to watch them.
    I'm sure they get other federal grantsyou don't even know. MDE,can I get a million dollars please I'll pay you back I promise!!!!

    1. If you hear from the MDE, please let me know. I could use a couple million myself!

  4. Take my word! NCA does not have a gym either. My child uses the school auditorium as a gym with chairs stacked on the side to use as bumpers. It's just a matter of time before someone gets hurt!

  5. Michigan school inspections are handled by the State of Michigan's Bureau of Construction Codes.

    If you have information about substandard conditions and you'd like to make a report and request an inspection, contact Charlie Curtis in the Michigan Construction Code office.

    Antrim County is not responsible for the inspection of school buildings, and a complaint must be submitted to Curtis via email and he will schedule an inspection.

    Here is his email address: curtisc1@michigan.gov.