Thursday, April 7, 2016

JUST HOW 'ROYAL' ARE THOSE IVL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ROYALTIES? Who Else Is Making Those Intellectual Property Payments...And Who Isn't!

“As I told the GTA Board in January, I have no formal business relationship with Dr. Steven Ingersoll. Integrated Visual Learning (IVL) was developed by Steven Ingersoll and I have used it in a variety of ways educationally and clinically. I have for years and continue to pay a proprietary fee for IVL’s Intellectual Properties that has allowed me to use it in my solely owned clinics, as well as more recently apply in in the GTA setting.” 
Mark Noss, March 16, 2016 
whistleblower email response

He also “said the IVL services — for which FSM has paid an intellectual property fee to Ingersoll — have nothing to do with the management fee FSM collects from the school. Noss said he offers IVL services to the school at no charge.”  

“It is fact that I pay those fees for my privately owned clinics, and I’m willing to provide those to the school at no fee to them,” he said. “So that is not part of my management contract.” “It’s an accounting exercise,” he said. “I have several companies. (FSM) most recently has been making those (intellectual property) payments, but again it’s just an accounting exercise that has been deemed appropriate by my accountants.” 
Mark Noss, Traverse City 
Record-Eagle April 3, 2016

Full Spectrum Management's Mark Noss has floated 'intellectual property payments' for Integrated Visual Learning as the reason for his monthly $12,500 payments to Steven Ingersoll. If that were true, wouldn't you expect Ingersoll to be collecting money from anyone who uses 'Integrated Visual Learning' or 'IVL' as part of an optometry practice or charter school curriculum? Miss Fortune has found that may not be true!

During the December 17, 2015 meeting of the Grand Traverse Academy Board of Directors, Mark Noss stated he had no business relationship with Steven Ingersoll at the "present time". 

In a March 15, 2016 email, a former Full Spectrum Management employee blew the whistle, alleging Noss deceived the board when he made that statement. The email included documents revealing that Noss had been making monthly $12,500 payments to Steven Ingersoll since April 2014.

Noss zig-zagged in his March 16, 2016 response, stating “I have for years and continue to pay a proprietary fee for IVL’s Intellectual Properties that has allowed me to use it in my solely owned clinics, as well as more recently apply in in the GTA setting.”

However, in an article published last Sunday, April 3, 2016, in the Traverse City Record-Eagle, Noss zagged before he zigged, offering a second explanation. 

Changing his tune, Noss now asserts his payments were only for IVL usage at his Excel Management clinics, not the Grand Traverse Academy. Noss said he offers IVL services to the Grand Traverse Academy at no charge. 

Fact or fiction, truth or lies...who knows?

But I wondered: who else might be using IVL in an optometric practice or charter school? 

Even though Mark Noss would have you think IVL was all Ingersoll's work (and consequently entitled to the substantial payment), I've discovered there are a lot of optometrists and charter schools that use Integrated Visual Learning...and may not pay Steven Ingersoll a dime! 

Here's a very short list:

Dr. Lori Mowbray, a Minneapolis-based board certified Developmental Optometrist, uses and advertises IVL at her Minnesota Vision Therapy clinics.

Modesto, California's Great Valley Academy uses IVL, along with Modesto's Delta Charter School.

The Tactical Character Academy of Ceres, California uses IVL, along with Dr. Leanne Lee of Stockton, California's Manteca Optometry, who even promotes her use of Integrated Visual Learning on her website.

North Vancouver, British Columbia's Lynn Valley Optometry utilizes Integrated Visual Learning process as part of its diversity of services.

Pediatric & Adult Vision Care of Wexford, Pennsylvania uses IVL, and the Wexford Academy Preschool uses IVL as part of its curriculum

Even Steven Ingersoll's chiropractor daughter, Amy Ingersoll Spoelstra, has used Integrated Visual Learning in her FOCUS program, which she developed to treat autistic children.

And one Grand Traverse Academy board member, Danna Haba, practices in Macomb County under the name 'Excel Institute of Shelby', with a logo that includes an Ingersoll-owned trademark.

But how many of those people pay Steven Ingersoll a proprietary fee for his so-called intellectual property, and what do they pay? 

We don't know. 

But here's one thing we do know: Mark Noss has told at least two versions of his "why I paid Steven Ingersoll $12,500 a month" story.

It's anyone's guess how many more we'll hear.


  1. Well how freakin convenient is that Noss? Way to help an old longtime friend out! I sure hope MDE shuts this Noss/Ingersoll/Lynch circus down ASAP. These crooked greedy blood suckin leeches are only in the game for themselves.

    It is also ironic, now since Lynch showed how arrogant he is, that he is pushing the IVL scam at his schools as well. These parents need to wake the hell up and read up on how he's scamming their children. This is so infuriating and to think that MDE granted 5 more years to Lynch makes me puke in my mouth.

    After the Mlive article came out (which was amazing), people are finally beginning to wake up and follow their tax payer dollars to Noss and Lynch.

    Ingersoll may be finished on paper, but birds of a feather flock together, and Lynch and Noss are going to continue his scam and run schools like BCA and NCA into the ground before they run away like cowards.

  2. It is in our hands to make this happen because obviously the MDE and LSSU are on the dole. This makes me sick lousy leeches want government money to fund their extravagant lives.

  3. what is sad is that neighborhood was targetedbecause of low income uneducated peoplewith troubled kids mostly and they knewthey put on a good show and make them feel special Bay City Academy!
    when really the joke was every application was show me the money!!!!!