Sunday, April 24, 2016

GRAND TRAVERSE ACADEMY APRIL 14 BOARD MEETING RESCHEDULED: It's Tomorrow...At 5:00PM! When (And Why) Did Danna Haba Resign?

Abruptly scrapped on the heels of a whistleblower's stunning revelation detailing two years of furtive cash payments from Mark Noss to Steven Ingersoll (news first revealed on this blog by Miss Fortune), the Grand Traverse Academy board has rescheduled its April 14 meeting.

According to a notice on the charter school's website, tomorrow's meeting is set for 5:00pm in the staff meeting room.

Described as a 'special meeting to review financials', Miss Fortune won't look for Shelby Township optometrist Danna Haba to attend the meeting.

While the last meeting she attended was May 1, 2015 (missing every meeting since then), it appears she's resigned from the board.

But how do you resign when you've been MIA for nearly a year?


  1. My guess is Danna Haba is trying to disassociate her connection to the corrupt board of Grand Traverse Academy. I am sure she is a weak link for Noss and Habermehl. Besides, I am sure they pass major money handling without many there at the meetings. Why are people so afraid of these guys, that is what they want, so no one will question the "corporate welfare"? Time for this meeting to be flooded with individuals that are not afraid of them and want the money put back into children and not their pockets.
    Stop the exhorbitant building projects!

  2. If these ass clowns actually wanted to have a benificial meeting, then they should all be present. That's right Brian Lynch, Mark Noss, and Steve Ingersoll, you should all be there on the hot seat with all your coward business associates.

    Brian Lynch should be right in that meeting as to explain why these "invisible dots" keep pointing back to him and his 300k salary. Hell, let's sit his ass right next to his father-in-law Mark Noss so they can both explain how they're linking BCA/NCA to GTA and scamming families into believing that IVL is a cure for ADHD.

    Better yet, let's have Lynch explain his grotesque rise in wealth and living while those around him stay poor.