Thursday, April 21, 2016

MOTHER OF TRAVERSE CITY "LOTION GIRL" PITCHES STORY TO NATIONAL MEDIA: "I Recently Sent U A Link About My Daughter This Is How She Was Via Treated On The Net By The Other Child's Father"

Oh, boy! 

Edible lotion, alleged bullying at a public school, and a sheriff's investigation. Sounds like a Lifetime movie, doesn't it? (And when's the last time, outside of a massage parlor, you heard anyone talk about 'edible lotion'?)

Just days after she tweeted up a storm about pot decriminalization (featuring her daughter's hand-drawn portrait of presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders), the mother of a Courtade Elementary School student was pitching her story to ABC's daytime talk show, "The View".

Jennifer Atkinson, mother of alleged lotion incident victim identified in local reports as Nevaeh Chamberlin, is reportedly unhappy with Traverse City Area Public Schools' handling of her daughter's case.

In fact, Atkinson feels an email should have been sent to parents of all children attending Courtade.

The case, originally investigated by both TCAPS and the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's department, has been been sent back to the Sheriff by the prosecutor's office for further investigation. 

What kid talks like this?: "I thought she was warming up to me," said Nevaeh.

Something tells Miss Fortune we haven't heard the end of this story!


  1. Nice mom, great example you are giving your child. Parents not taking responsibility for their children and want to put the blame on the school. Really do the hard work set a good example grow up. I wonder who paid her to do this. Look into that one View!

  2. You should look into her mom's past...she's very crooked. And she's a con artist. She gets random men online to pay her bills...for over 20 years. Plus she's already lost 3 or 4 kids to the state.