Friday, April 15, 2016

COMING NEXT WEEK: Miss Fortune Breaks More News!

More shocking financial revelations, only from Miss Fortune!

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  1. I somehow have this feeling that there will be continuous revelations on Brian Lynch, Mark Noss, and Steve Ingersoll. One can only wonder how far these three cowards have flexed their greedy fingers to hide their wealth.

    These scam artists will never have the balls to admit to their wrong doing because quite frankly, they don't give a shit and never will.

    IVL should be exposed for what it is, a large pile of lies and deceit. I view the statements and claims made by these three shitheads regarding IVL with about as much validity as the National Inquirer. Who knows, maybe the next story about IVL should read "IVL cures Sasquatch of ADHD and rids the animal from its addiction to Ritilan!" Maybe that story will really generate some money for Lynch, Noss, and Ingersoll.

    I'm sure if that falls through, Noss will start up another LLC to fight the Sasquatch (at a charge of 10,000 dollars per hour of course plus interest).