Friday, April 1, 2016


As precisely as a Swiss train, another angle of the Steven Ingersoll tale just grabbed my attention and pulled me in a new direction: following the money.

On Tuesday, March 29, I broke the news that Mark Noss had been making monthly $12,500 payments to Steven Ingersoll for nearly two years. 

In its brief, the government asserted:

“Though Ingersoll listed W-2 wages, he did not identify Form 1099 income from FSM (or other users of his intellectual property and his consulting services) in his most recent report provided in response to the court's order. As Ingersoll has testified at length, he markets his IVL intellectual property and provides consulting services to a wide assortment of entities, in addition to FSM. Ingersoll’s own testimony, therefore, gives reason to suspect that Noss/FSM was not the only source of income to Ingersoll via SSI in 2015. Thus, while it is apparent that Ingersoll under-reported his income for 2015, the extent of Ingersoll’s under-reporting of his income is unknown.” 

Under-reported income? 

And the extent of Ingersoll's under-reporting is unknown?

Coming Monday, April 4, Miss Fortune uncovers the truth about Integrated Visual Learning, who else is paying Ingersoll those intellectual property fees...and who isn't. 

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