Thursday, April 28, 2016

READIN', 'RITIN', AND ROTTEN SCORES: Bay City Academy 2014-2015 MEAP Scores; Slide Continues

Skidding scores at the Bay City Academy; Miss Fortune is reviewing the 2014-15 MEAP report.

Analysis to come, but here's a preview: a slice comparing 4th Grade Content reading scores between the two school years. While the overall state average 4th grade proficiency dropped by 25 percent, the Bay City Academy's "percent proficient" slid by 37 percent, going from 51.2 percent to 14.7 percent.


  1. So there is the proof that Mr. Brunner was looking for, the school is sliding faster than an avalanche in their performance. Why would a school be given 5 more years of funding, if all they are doing is going downhill. Obviously, there is something really wrong with this picture! What a waste of taxpayers money! Time for students to get into the other schools, so they can get the quality education they deserve. As a taxpayer, I want these schools closed. There is no reason for them to be open, unless you love giving your money to Brian Lynch and his cohorts, so they can keep their expensive lifestyles going.
    I am ashamed of LSSU and the State of Michigan for letting this "corporate welfare" to keep going and supporting them taking advantage of innocent children. Someone with a conscience needs to stop this nonsense.

  2. What a surprise this is! I guess when 40% of the total school earnings is going in your pocket and not where it's needed, failure is inevitable isn't it Brian Lynch? Perhaps IVL has clouded your ability to see the difference between five figure and seven figure salaries? No amount of money will make Lynch good at what he does.

    Why aren't parents enraged at this? I feel so bad for these kids and teachers.

    1. Parents aren't enraged bc they don't know what questions to ask. Most of the kids at BCA from working class/poor families. Lynch and Co know this and takes advantage of the fact that most families don't know what to ask, or don't care. A lot of the students have behavior problems and have been kicked out of public schools so parents are just grateful that their kid won't get kicked out bc the numbers are so low. Of course scores are going to be low when teachers dont have what they need and have to constantly deal with behavior problems that go unaddressed by admin and parents. That's the reality. Lynch knows this. He is exploiting the poor...this would never happen in a more affluent community. He wouldn't try this in the posh neighborhood he lives in.