Saturday, April 30, 2016

CONNECTING THE DOTS: Did Lynch-Run Division Of Steven Ingersoll's Charter Cartel Divert Hush Money To The Convicted Charter Cheater? Full Details Later Today!

“Ingersoll’s own testimony, therefore, gives reason to suspect that Noss/FSM was not the only source of income to Ingersoll via SSI in 2015. 

Thus, while it is apparent that Ingersoll under-reported his income for 2014 and 2015 by not disclosing his income from Noss/FSM and GTA, the full extent of Ingersoll’s under-reporting of his income still is unknown

Indeed, since incarceration will not stop third parties such as FSM from using and paying for the use of Ingersoll’s intellectual property, it is easily foreseeable that other users of Ingersoll’s intellectual property are making deposits into other undisclosed accounts controlled by Ingersoll and will continue to do so after Ingersoll is sentenced.”
April 29, 2016
Government Exhibit
United States v. Steven J. Ingersoll


  1. Oh yeah, I wonder how much from BCA and NCA they have slipped into his pockets or did they covertly slip it into Lynch or Gretchen's pockets. Or maybe into Craig Johnston's pocket. Hmmm let no stone be unturned!

  2. I wonder how all the dirty thieves are sleeping now knowing that the government is on to their shell games using stolen money. They are getting rich off of the educational opportunities that belong to CHILDREN! Shame on them, LSSU, and the State Department of Ed! One suggestion for this glistening quivering pit of snakes who are in denial: "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!" Well, maybe not from prison. Try that for a change!