Friday, April 8, 2016

BAY CITY ACADEMY SCRUBS CURRICULUM'S 'PRIMARY UNDERPINNING', INTEGRATED VISUAL LEARNING, FROM ITS WEBSITE: References To Steven Ingersoll's IVL Removed; "Integrated Visual Learning Lies At The Core Of The Curriculum". (Pssst! Guess Who Forgot About The North Central Academy?)

Days after receiving approval from the Michigan Department for its five-year deficit elimination plan, the Bay City Academy has scrubbed all references to Steven Ingersoll's Integrated Visual Learning (IVL) from its website. 

Seems odd, doesn't it? Why hide the fact that IVL is an integral part of the school's curriculum, unless...could it be that uncomfortable truth shows a continuing link to Smart Schools Management?

Miss Fortune has discovered although a reference to Integrated Visual Learning as one of "three primary underpinnings" of the school's curriculum was visible as recently as April 5 (shown above), IVL has been removed from the site.

In a version of the same page available this morning (below), you can clearly see that "Our core philosophies" replaced "three primary underpinnings". (I've blocked the child's face, although it appears on the school's site.)

In approving the Bay City Academy's deficit plan, the MDE requested that the charter school assure officials it is no longer associated in any way with Smart Schools Management, Inc., the company owned by school founder Steven Ingersoll. 

Various Ingersoll-controlled entities own the buildings housing the school, and holds a non-cancelable 20-year capital operating lease with the Academy for the Madison Arts, Farragut Schoolhouse and Old Y buildings. 

And as IVL has been the foundation of the school's curriculum since opening its doors, it seems likely that Ingersoll's would be getting an income stream from that connection.

Shouldn't that qualify as being "associated" with Steven Ingersoll and his Smart Schools Management, Inc.?

Although the name of the school will not change, something else clearly has.
Why would Brian Lynch and Mitten Management wipe away all references to IVL, which were liberally sprinkled throughout the Academy's official Redesign Plan, submitted to the MDE on April 16, 2105?

In that plan (excerpt shown above), Integrated Visual Learning is revealed to be at the "core of the curriculum" for the Bay City Academy.

Oh, wait! 

Is it possible that, like Full Spectrum Management's Mark Noss, Lynch's Mitten Management is making substantial payments to Steven Ingersoll?

I'm betting if you ask Lynch, he'll decline to comment.

As for Miss Fortune, I wouldn't be surprised to discover that piles of money are still flowing from the Bay City Academy to Steven Ingersoll, and that he still exerts control and influence on the school he founded. 

UPDATE 11:58am:

Looks like someone forgot about the North Central Academy!


  1. Absolutely correct!

  2. Here's the clause from the MDE's approval letter: “In addition to the contingencies above, within seven days of receipt of this approval, MDE requires the academy to submit a letter signed by the superintendent to the Department assuring the Department that no one associated with the previous management company, Smart Schools, Inc., continues to be involved with the operations of the academy.”

    So how do you split hairs over possible IVL intellectual property payments to Steven Ingersoll via what ever LLC or corporation he chooses to involvement with the operations of the Academy? Shouldn't paying a fee to Ingersoll for IVL still disqualify the BCA from getting a taxpayer bailout?

  3. Why in the hell would the Superintendant sign a letter that he/she knows is a complete pile of lies? For the sake of everything good in you, do not sign that letter.

    As an outsider, I do not have much insight on this story, but I can quickly see how corrupt this Lynch and Noss duo is. What a sad example for humanity these two are! I am personally going to call MDE and voice my complaint. Perhaps if enough of us do this, they will listen and act. This abuse of public funds is absolutely sickening to me. What a poor example for public education in Michigan.

    1. The "superintendent" the MDE refers to above is the Bay City Academy's superintendent. Of course, he'll sign the letter, as the MDE has already indicated it will not ask for proof, just take the statement at face value.

      It appears the MDE is willing to hold its collective noses and ignore the stink coming from this bailout.

      How this thing passes the "stink test", I'll never know: “There is some irony in there, given the circumstances, but we still approved the plan," DiSessa said. “As long as no management company folks involved with Smart Schools are involved, then we're OK.”

    2. Wouldn't surprise any of us if the "superintendent" signed the letter for fear of being dismissed/fired, and/or because he has no conscience. Could be he's just another puppet in the puppet show.

  4. This is just laughable! How convenient for Brian Lynch to suddenly take IVL off of his website after the M live article. It is so funny that it is still up on NCA's website. It's nice to know that he knows what's going on at all if schools. The parents commenting on this blog are extremely powerful. Your children are your priority, and they deserve nothing but the best. I am sorry that they attend a school Lynch runs.

  5. If the MDE doesn't do something about this then they needed to be replaced with people that actually know education and care.

    1. The MDE members who approved future funding for this scam of a school should be front page news in the state's major papers. There needs to be a bipartisan effort to recall and replace them. They have no common sense and continue to waste millions of taxpayer dollars.

  6. The only way in hell that a slip up, like the one seen above with NCA, could even happen is if the boss (Lynch) has no freakin clue what's happening at his schools. Seriously, how the hell could you mess up the most publicly visible part of your business? In this day and age, your website is everything. What a complete moron this guy is! Well, I guess collecting all the money for yourself buries you in 100 dollar bills and the computer screens a little less visible when your office looks like the cartel's basement.

    Maybe a little IVL can help you get your focus back Mr. Lynch. Education does not equal ripping tax payers off and scamming the general public with your family scam. Yes, it is possible to take a little off of your seven figure salary and provide a safe place for kids at your schools. Imagine how good you would feel if you gave something back before you and Noss try to hit the road running after you piss off another elected official? At least you could leave with an ounce of dignity.

    1. Oscar Wilde said it best: We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.

    2. I think he does have a clue: He values money and future money coming in so much that he's doing anything to make it seem that Ingersoll/IVL/SSM are not connected to the BCA (but we know better - Ingersoll will somehow be connected even when he's in prison).

  7. Mr. Ingersoll, Mr. Noss, Mr. Lynch this one's for you!

    There are two kinds of pride, both good and bad. 'Good pride' represents our dignity and self-respect. 'Bad pride' is the deadly sin of superiority that reeks of conceit and arrogance.

  8. Let's compare the DEP Essexville had to pass compared to BCA...can I call bullshit!!??

  9. I would like to bring to everybody's attention Ingersoll Ed Bradley received 2.8 million dollar Grant to renovate the school that was more than enough money to do it right
    if I'm wrong correct me,so 2.8 million Federal Grantone point something million Chemical Bankand who knows how many millions from GTA.
    yeah 2.8 million Federal Grant!

  10. Wow! 2.8 million to renovate and update BCA and NCA? Has anyone here actually been to either of those buildings? It is a disaster! It makes me wonder where the 2.8 million went? Time to empty those pockets Lynch and Noss. Ingersoll already blew his wad on lawyer fees and hush money.

    A close friend, who is a parent at NCA, informed me that these allegations about the building falling apart are completely true. I also asked about their "gym" and was informed that it is currently the school auditorium that has a pitched floor for seating! What the HELL! They told me that stuff is broken everywhere and has not been fixed in years! Years? It looks like Lynch has got it together with that school just about as much as their website.

    OSHA would have a field day with that school. Why don't more people speak up? Where is the money to fix it? Oh yeah, it's in Brian Lynch's pockets.

    1. The Chemical Bank money did not go toward the NCA building, just the Madison Arts location at 400 N. Madison in Bay City.

    2. I'm sorry but the chemical bank money by court records went from Ingersoll to Bradley, to ingersoll's brother back to ingersoll's personal account.

    3. I'm sorry but the chemical bank money by court records went from Ingersoll to Bradley, to ingersoll's brother back to ingersoll's personal account.also the bank records show that,,La Dee Da Da

    4. According to court records, as reported on this blog, Ingersoll and Bradley, along with Ingersoll’s brother Gayle, his wife Deborah, and Bradley’s wife Tammy, engaged in a series of transactions that successfully diverted nearly half of the $1.8 million Chemical Bank construction loan proceeds away from the Bay City Academy construction project to a joint, personal bank account held by Steven Ingersoll and his wife Deborah at Fifth-Third Bank.

      In June of 2011, Roy Bradley and Steven Ingersoll submitted construction draw requests totaling $704,000 to Chemical Bank, causing the bank to transfer $704,000 to the Madison Arts account in late June. Steven Ingersoll then transferred the $704,000 to Roy and Tammy Bradley’s construction company’s credit union account.

      Tammy Bradley then transferred the $704,000 from the construction company’s credit union account to Gayle Ingersoll’s business account at United Bay Community Credit Union in Bay City.

      Gayle Ingersoll, shortly after receiving the funds, transferred the entire $704,000 to Steven and Deborah Ingersoll’s joint, personal Fifth-Third Bank account.

      Steven Ingersoll then used part of the contruction loan proceeds, backed by the U. S Department of Agriculture and diverted to his joint, personal Fifth-Third Bank account, to reduce his massive $3.5 million dollar debt to the Grand Traverse Academy.

      And after all that, no wire fraud convictions...at all.

  11. wow! that's almost like who's on first?
    thank you Miss Fortune,and that'swhy even the assistant us attorney general Miss Parker is exhausted....who's on first? LOL

  12. the question remains did he really pay it Back to the school? did he pay it back then take it back? Are they the QuickBooks that were erased? who's on first?