Monday, April 25, 2016


Miss Fortune is guessing the Grand Traverse Academy's "staff gathering room" is a bit smaller than the Waldorf Astoria's Grand Ballroom.

If you're planning on attending, I'd advise you to get there early.


  1. Any word on how the meeting went? Were there any questions of substance asked? I wish I was close to Traverse City so that I could have looked these cowards right in their faces. It would have been amazing to watch them sweat as the truth came out about Mark Noss' true intentions regarding this building expansion. "For the kids" right? Yeah, I think not! "For my greedy lying ass" sounds right.

    And where was Lynch? No doubt he shoulda been there. I'm sure his chauffeur could have got him there in time. Hell, I'll bet Drivin Miss Daisy makes a better paycheck than his staff does.

    Any word on if he's even uttered a dollar bill to fix up his schools? I can see him like that one commercial where the old man dangles the dollar bill from a fishing pole. That'll be Lynch at 85 yrs old. What a clown.

    Noss and Lynch are two pees in a pod. They're the next generation of Ingersoll clones to carry on scams, make millions off of taxpayers, and not think twice about shafting those around them to expand their wealth.

    1. Habermehl was a no-show, along with Kari Visser-Robel (the schlepp from Gaylord must have been too much!).

      Financial meeting ran roughly 15 minutes, with discussion that revealed expansion bank loan has not yet been sewn up.

      New FSM accountant introduced; if you're counting, it's number 6...or is that 7?

  2. They have to keep getting new accountants because when an accountant actually figures out what they are asking them to do they quit because they don't want to loose their license. That's called cooking the books, illegal entries and just plain ole taking advantage of the system.

  3. There is no doubt that staff turnover at these places is a very serious issue. My child attended NCA in Mancelona for a short period and he witnessed three staff members in the course of one year. This year, they have been running the school right into the ground.

    A dear friend of mine who still attends NCA said that they have not had a special ed instructor in the building for months now. This is completely out of line and not fair to the principal and staff. Most importantly, this is not fair to those kids who need special ed assistance.

    They are going to pull their child at the end of this school year. Brian Lynch's ignorance to run a school like NCA has caused this whole situation. To make it worse, he's arrogant and full of himself. At least that's how he was when I knew him. I can't blame the staff and parents for wanting out of there. Someone needs to kick him out and get someone in there that knows what they're doing.

  4. Have the parents check out this document:


    If a complaint is warranted, contact the Office of Civil Rights


    1. Thank you for the information. I will post a story with this info.