Friday, April 29, 2016

CLICK, CLICK; SEND MONEY: Steven Ingersoll's Wire Transfer Payments To Grand Traverse Academy Board President Mark Noss!

In a story featured first on this blog court documents filed on March 29, 2016 in Steven Ingersoll's ongoing tax evasion case revealed former Grand Traverse Academy Board president Mark Noss had been making monthly $12,500 payments to Ingersoll since April 2014. 

An accountant formerly employed by Noss at his Full Spectrum Management, LLC (FSM) sent an email to the Grand Traverse Academy Board of Directors and key members of Lake Superior State University's Charter School office, on March 15, 2016, alleging Noss had deceived the Board when he stated during its December 17, 2015 meeting that he "has no business relationship with Dr. Ingersoll at the present time". 

Noss responded to the allegations via an email the next morning, admitting the payments while still clinging to the fiction that he had no “formal” business relationship with Ingersoll. 

In his response, Noss stated he was paying a monthly fee to use Integrated Visual Learning in his clinics, as well as the GTA. 

In addition, Noss claimed the $12,500 also included regular access to what he termed Ingersoll's “school management expertise”. (Ingersoll was found guilty in U. S. District Court on March 10, 2015 on two counts of attempting to evade or defeat tax and one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States.) 

Miss Fortune has reviewed newly-released financial exhibits filed yesterday afternoon in Steven Ingersoll’s tax case, and has discovered wire transfer payments were apparently made by Ingersoll to Mark Noss while he was president of the Grand Traverse Academy Board of Directors. 

For example, a June 16, 2010 transfer of $5,000 from Ingersoll’s Smart Schools, Inc., (SSI) bank account to “Mark D. Noss OD” account was coded in Ingersoll’s QuickBooks as income to Ingersoll. 

In addition, an April 19, 2010 transfer of $10,000 from the same bank account to “Great Lakes Vision Services Inc.”, the legal business name for the Grayling Vision Center, operated by Mark Noss. 

You know I'll have much more on this later. 

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  1. You just have to wonder what other accounts are out there. Gretchen Ingersoll still makes all the financial decisions for all three schools, which tells you Ingersoll is still involved in all of them. What a bunch of crooks.