Tuesday, April 26, 2016

GRAND TRAVERSE ACADEMY BOARD PRESIDENT BRAD HABERMEHL A NO-SHOW AT YESTERDAY'S MEETING: Habermehl's $155,969.40 7th Circuit Court Consent Judgment Requires $500 Monthly Payments...For 20 Years!

Miss Fortune can report that Habermehl skipped yesterday's  Grand Traverse Academy "special meeting to review financials", and is-she-isn't-she board member Danna Haba was MIA. 

Guess we won't know her status until the March 2016 meeting minutes are approved and unveiled.

The meeting was called to review year-to-date financials in an apparent effort to finalized funding for the charter school's expansion. With a triple-net lease on the line, requiring monthly payments beginning at $30,000 that escalate within a year to $38,000, Mark Noss is keen to wrap up his construction cash bundle. 

Noss and his management company, Full Spectrum, recently made news when the federal government filed stunning documents in Steven Ingersoll's case. In an email to the entire GTA board and Lake Superior State University charter officials, a former employee revealed Noss, who repeats "it has nothing to do with the Grand Traverse Academy" so often it's become his mantra, paid Ingersoll $12,500 a month beginning days after he assumed nominal control of the Grand Traverse Academy in March 2014.

Miss Fortune is waiting for the other shoe to drop: were those payments only part of the income stream flowing from Noss to Ingersoll?

Oh, Noss introduced yet another Full Spectrum Management accountant. So is that number 5, 6 or 7?

Ah, who's counting?

Now back to Habermehl: according to the official consent judgment, as long as he makes monthly $500 payments to First Merit bank, the worst that will happen is a state income tax garnishment and/or the filing of a property lien.

Now that's transparency!



  1. He must have known you were going to be there. :)

    1. Looking at the GTA Board Meeting Minutes from 1-9-15 to 2/25/16 there have been 16 Board Meetings. Habermehl was present at 7 of the meetings, attended 2 via telephone and was absent 7 times. Is that the kind of attendance you want from your Board Chairperson?

  2. It is the kind that Mark Noss wants because like Ingersoll, he can slip things under the noses of the less observant or should I say the ones that already have their money problems and are hoping they will get kick backs from Noss ie Ingersoll.
    Dirty Doings