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Monday, June 21, 2021

BANKRUPTCY? IT DOESN'T CRAMP MY STYLE! While Independent Bank Digs For His Full Spectrum Financials, Mark Noss May Have Fraudulently Transferred Property Away From His Creditors...Right Under The Bank's Noses!



On June 21, 2021, Independent Bank's attorney, Sandra Hamilton filed a "brief in support of Plantiff's motion" to compel Padgett Business Services to comply with a "non-party subpoena" Hamilton issued May 10, 2021 on behalf of the bank.

And while Hamilton issued multiple subpoenas in the Mark Noss/Full Spectrum Management, LLC Chapter 7 bankruptcy adversary case, she's been unsuccessful in her hunt for financial information for the time period March 1, 2014 to December 31, 2019.

But a recently filed post-bankruptcy quitclaim real estate asset transfer shows Noss may have fraudulently transferred property out of the reach of his creditors.

Read the fishy tale here at Medium.



  1. I see it is in the blood you think the kids would know better! People know they are shysters it's the humiliation that they suffer or not I don't believe they have a conscience it's too bad like mother like daughter!

  2. It is sad for him to get his own daughter invovled. Could she become liable at some point? I'm no expert in law, but it seems like a good parent would think twice before doing something like this with his own kid.

    1. His daughter is a "grown-ass" woman, an adult capable of knowing right from wrong.

  3. Exactly! They must not have any mirrors in their house

  4. I would like to know how they find these bankers? Funny

  5. Sad that the whole family seems to not have any ethics.