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Friday, June 25, 2021

"WHITE FEMALE OWNED BUSINESS" After His February 19, 2019 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition On Behalf Of "Full Spectrum Management, LLC", Mark Noss Received Nearly $200,000 In Paycheck Protection Program Funds By Claiming His 'Mark D. Noss O.D., LLC' A Female-Owned Business

I guess Uncle Sugar was just itching to dole out money to the likes of Mark Noss.

Although the Small Business Administration (SBA) issued guidance barring applicants "presently involved in a bankruptcy" from qualifying for the PPP loan program, that legal prohibition didn't stop Mark Noss...or someone operating on his behalf.

Publicly-available information reveals "Mark D. Noss, O. D., LLC " obtained two PPP loans: an $83,5000 loan received in April 2020 and a second loan ($99,120 in February 2021), both through Huntington National Bank.

In the application, the company claimed to be a "White female owned business" that employed at least 13 people during the "applicable loan period".

However, Noss appears to acknowledge that he indeed was the "boss" of the operation, as seen in an April 30, 2019 "Certificate of Termination of Assumed Name", retiring "Grayling Eye Care".

As shown below, Noss signed as "Owner/Member" of  "Mark D. Noss, O.D., LLC":


Looks like it's FOIA time!



  1. I'm sure Ingersoll bed and Breakfast got a bundle to these people are despicable

  2. To be exact, the "Webster House B&B, LLC", the Bay City property controlled by Steven Ingersoll and his wife, Deborah, received two PPP loans: $6,708 in May 2020 and $12,257 in March 2021.

  3. Wow I'm surprised just enough to keep the lights on and pay the taxes unbelievable

  4. Wha'? His Grayling office never employed more than 3 people directly. The TC certainly never had 10. 13? scammer.