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Sunday, June 20, 2021

WHAT IS MARK NOSS HIDING...AND WHY IS HE HIDING IT? Noss Attorney, Jay Zelenock, Demands Accounting Firms Conceal Full Spectrum Management-Related Financial Documents Sought By Independent Bank Subpoena


Although Traverse City media (such as it is) remains fixated on a $180,000 payment to booted TCAPS Superintendent Cardon, a much larger scandal is playing out in federal bankruptcy court.

And Mark Noss, whose Full Spectrum Management, LLC is being sued by Independent Bank for a seven-figure plus sum, doesn't want you to know how he's trying to avoid disclosure of the seedy financials underpinning his tenure as the manager of the Grand Traverse Academy.  

Beginning tomorrow, you'll learn more--exclusively from Glistening, Quivering Underbelly.




  1. I believe that may be true civil matters do not have a right to subpoena the records I think they may have found a loophole. Between Noss and Ingersoll their attorneys sure work for their money if they get paid in full LOL just horrible

    1. Stay tuned tomorrow--legalities of subpoena discussed.