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Thursday, October 1, 2015

NO MORE SHAM 'STRAW MAN' REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS FOR YOU, MR. INGERSOLL! Judge Issues Restraining Order Preventing Steven Ingersoll From Dumping Any More Property; Ingersoll Ordered To Provide “Complete And Accurate Financial Information”. (Does Anyone Really Think He'll Do It?)

Old Boyz In The Hood
“Mr. Ingersoll acknowledged that the financial reports he did provide did not include any information regarding transactions between Mr. Ingersoll and the entities that he owns and controls.”
September 30, 2015
Federal Restraining Order

As my mother would have said, the feathers hit the fan yesterday in U. S. District Court. (As for me, I would have substituted a different word for feathers!)

After a six month span of felon foot dragging even Frankenstein would have appreciated, Judge Thomas L. Ludington's order directed Real Househusband of Bay City/Traverse City, Steven Ingersoll, “to provide complete and accurate financial information to his probation officer, including but not limited to all assets, liabilities, income, and expenses resulting from transactions between Defendant and his agents, employees, partners, co-venturers, attorneys, family, friends and properties, entities, and businesses that he owns or controls.”

So basically, anyone working at the Bay City Academy, Mitten Management, Full Spectrum Management...oh hell, the list goes on and on. 

In addition, the order restrains Ingersoll from selling any more property in order to preserve his remaining assets. During the hearing, the government expressed its concerns that Ingersoll was “disposing of properties in an effort to protect family members or to favor certain creditors.” Government prosecutors claimed that Ingersoll had “sold a number of his properties, and allowed a number of his properties to “fall into foreclosure” without reporting those events to the Court.”

(Ingersoll did not provide a clear response to this claim during the hearing.)

In the order, the government asserted that Ingersoll had “understated the values of the properties that he had disclosed.” 

The government also contended that Ingersoll had not disclosed any transactions between himself and the entities that he owns and controls, which Ingersoll himself acknowledged was true.

During the September 24 hearing, the government accused Ingersoll of omitting assets, undervaluing assets and overstating liabilities.

But here's the phrase that really sparked my interest: transactions between Ingersoll and his agents, employees, partners, co-venturers, attorneys, family, friends and properties, entities, and businesses that he owns or controls. 

“Co-venturers”? That one's about to set knees a-knockin' here in Michigan — especially among the people seated at the Board table during meetings of the Grand Traverse Academy.

Will there be a complete list of Ingersoll's ventures? Who knows, but the dude's been known to slap together an LLC whenever he rubs his hands together in anticipation of another score.


In its March 31 motion for a restraining order, the government asked that Ingersoll be restrained from transferring his interest in real estate and "intellectual property that generates an income stream". Recent Grand Traverse Academy financial statements appear to indicate that approximately $300,000 was paid annually to Ingersoll's Smart Schools Incorporated for "curriculum materials”.

While it’s clear from the GTA’s financial reports that, until March 19, 2014, Ingersoll’s company was receiving those payments, it’s unclear who currently receives the curriculum licensing fee.

However, from the management agreement signed by Mark Noss/Full Spectrum Management, LLC, it appears the fee could now be paid directly to Noss.

And information I've uncovered indicates that Noss could have been sharing the fee with Ingersoll during the years he served on the GTA board. 

According to publicly available documents describing the Smart Schools curriculum used at the Grand Traverse Academy, a major component of the curriculum is “Integrated Visual Learning”. As described on the Excel Institute’s website, Integrated Visual Learning is "an optometric process used to improve learning in students with vision problems". (The Excel Institute is a company founded by Steven Ingersoll, and run out of the same office space housing Mark Noss’s optometry practice in Traverse City.)

A member of Ingersoll's defense team was quoted in a December 3, 2014 court document stating “SSI holds the copyright for the school curriculum developed by Ingersoll. SSI licenses that curriculum to SSM, which pays between $100,000 and $200,000 per year for a license for the use of the curriculum.”

It appears that statement may be misleading.

A check of official United States Copyright Office records (results shown above) reveals that both Mark Noss and Steven Ingersoll are named as copyright holders for the 1993 text titled “Integrated vision therapy” — not SSI. (An advanced search of official government copyright records returned no results for either Smart Schools, Inc. or Smart Schools Management, Inc.)

Ingersoll and Noss are partners in the Traverse City-based Excel Institute, and current Academy Board member, Macomb County optometrist Danna Haba, offers vision therapy services at the Excel Institute of Shelby. 

So, I guess we should expect to see all this information on Ingersoll's venture list, right? 

(That crashing sound you just heard may have been the noise six crappy Ingersoll properties made falling out of the MLS!)


Steven J. Ingersoll, O.D., P.C.

Bay City Academy
Banks Front Door LLC

Carlisle House LLC (Deborah Ingersoll)
C I Development, Inc.
Cunningham’s, Inc.

Integrated Visual Learning, Inc. (Delaware Corporation)

Excel Institute
Excel Institute, L. L. C.
Excel Learning Center, Inc.
Excel Management, Inc.

Farragut Schoolhouse, LLC

Front Porch Renaissance Group, LLC
Front Porch Renaissance Builders, LLC

Icon Learning Org
Icon Learning, Inc.
Ispecs Factory LLC
Ispecs Online, LLC
Integrated Visual Learning, Inc. (Michigan)
IVL, Inc.

Madison Arts L. L. C.

Old Y, LLC
Perry House, LLC

Smart Financial Services, Inc.
Smart Schools Management, Inc.
Smart Schools, Inc.
Smart Schools Education, Inc.
Smart Schools Foundation
Smart Schools Management of Bay City, LLC
Smart Schools Management, Inc
Smart Schools North, LLC

Webster House B&B, LLC
Webster House of Bay City, L. L. C. (Deborah Ingersoll)

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