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Monday, October 5, 2015

JUST WHO ARE 'THOSE GUYS'? WHAT DID THEY DO, WHERE DID THEY DO IT...AND ARE THEY STILL DOING IT? (Come On, Do You Honestly Think I'd Spill All The Insider Secrets I Know?)

Oy, just oy.

Stack “serial incorporator” Steven J. Ingersoll's list of business entities next to my array of hair color variations — and Ingersoll would win. But what can you expect from a guy who's still actively selling his properties, even with a federal restraining order hanging over his head!

The best one I've discovered is, of course "Those Guys Consulting, LLC". Damned if I know who "those guys" are and what they're doing...but I think I have a clue.

Here are a few more, in no particular order. While some are expired, most are (oddly enough) still active:

Excel Center of Grandville, L. L. C.

North Central Arts LLC

Turner House LLC

Wolverine Arts LLC

Wolverine Guild LLC

Those Guys Consulting LLC

Historic Arlington Hotel LLC

Swarts Tower, LLC

Eddy House, LLC

DMI Interiors, LLC (stands for Deborah M. Ingersoll)

Northern Educational Properties, LLC (originally a Limited Liability Partnership with Livingston County charter school founder, Chuck Stockwell. Ingersoll and Mark Noss were both actively involved with Stockwell in the 1990's.)

Vision Therapy Centers, Inc.

Family Learning Centers, Inc.

Bay City Renaissance, LLC

Lind Studio, LLC

Keith House, LLC

Jefferson Block, LLC

Sanford Green House, LLC

Odd Fellows Hall, LLC

Oddfellows, LLC

909 Sixth Street, LLC

620 Grant Street, LLC

616 Grant Street, LLC

606 Grant Street, LLC

1515 Sixth Street, LLC
Wonder how many bank accounts are attached to these names?


  1. This is for real, are you kidding me?

    1. It's absolutely authentic -- that's why I added the official State of Michigan business entity listing.

  2. "Those Guys Consulting, LLC" !

    You didn't find any "La Cozy Nostra LLC"?