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Thursday, October 8, 2015

LICENSE TO STEAL? Restraining Order Doesn't Stop Steven Ingersoll; One Week Later, Multiple Properties Still On The Market

Mr. Flo Rida himself, Steven Ingersoll, must have gotten his annual guilty conscience vaccination early this year — Bay City's Boca Beach Boy continues to defy a federal restraining order issued on September 30

Judge Thomas L. Ludington's order directed Steven Ingersoll, “to provide complete and accurate financial information to his probation officer, including but not limited to all assets, liabilities, income, and expenses resulting from transactions between Defendant and his agents, employees, partners, co-venturers, attorneys, family, friends and properties, entities, and businesses that he owns or controls.”

In addition, the order restrains Ingersoll from selling any more property in order to preserve his remaining assets. During the hearing, the government expressed its concerns that Ingersoll was “disposing of properties in an effort to protect family members or to favor certain creditors.” Government prosecutors claimed that Ingersoll had “sold a number of his properties, and allowed a number of his properties to “fall into foreclosure” without reporting those events to the Court.”

With six properties (and I use that term loosely) currently on the market, Ingersoll has apparently sprouted a pair of stupid wings and flown off the rails.

Or has he already skipped town, ambled down to Boca and caught a direct flight out of Miami to his favorite tax haven, Grand Cayman Island.

Offshore banking is the new piracy!

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