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Sunday, January 18, 2015

A TRIBUTE TO MISS FORTUNE? Mysterious "Anita S." Gives Unlicensed Nevada Chiropractor, Robert L. Buckhannon, Positive Yelp Review; No, No, No--It Ain't Me, Babe!

As I reported on this blog last Sunday, my favorite federally-indicted unlicensed Nevada chiropractor, Robert Buckhannon, recently launched a Yelp account for his Las Vegas mail drop chiropractic clinic. 

Well, lookee lookee, here comes crookie.

Some put-upon underling, working under the influence of an unknown substance, actually posted Buckhannon's first review...under the name, "Anita S".

As much as I'd love to claim credit for inspiring this nudnik, this "Anita S." Anita Senkowski (Miss Fortune) is not the "Anita S." on Yelp.

Besides, that picture makes my ears look big. 

And, unlike Buckhannon, my name has never appeared on an arrest warrant!

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