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Friday, January 23, 2015


Exactly one year ago, the Bay City Times quoted the owner of a vacant Bay City home that had recently been destroyed by fire: “It was clearly set by someone. The insurance adjuster said it was clearly set by someone, it wasn’t a spontaneous fire.”

The property's owner said that although the January 10, 2014 blaze gutted the house, it was still a fine building with the best architecture and build quality on the street. 

He added it wasn't a total loss and hoped to rebuild it back to habitable condition. 

The heavily damaged structure was never repaired, and still sits empty 616 N. Grant Street in Bay City.

While arson investigations can take years, the owner seemed to eager to tell anyone who'd listen that the building had burned, baby, burned!

Wonder what really happened to this part of Steven Ingersoll's front porch renaissance?

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