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Monday, January 19, 2015

ANOTHER INCOHERENT CLASSIC: A New Robert Buckhannon Press Release; "Crooked Chiropractor", Tethered to a GPS Monitor & Limited to Clark County, NV After Arrest By Feds, But Announces He'll Be In Phoenix to Oversee Construction of His Latest Lab!

Claiming that “we are currently in negotiations with several hospital organizations to handle all of their genetic testing for them as an outsource”, the newest press release purporting to be from federally-indicted unlicensed chiropractor Robert Buckhannon has just hit the interwebs. 

Spelling his name incorrectly as Buchanan”, the release states  Buckhannon has successfully established referral networks with physician groups in bubble cities around the United States. 

What, like housing bubble cities? Or Champaign, Illinois?

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