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Monday, August 4, 2014

THE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Part 2-Miss Fortune Reveals All...To Miss Fortune

The Babuskha of Truth!


AS: This is like the Shawshank Redemption, but with more tunneling through shit and no redemption!

Now where did I leave off? 

Oh yeah, "Pissed Consumer"! Once someone drinks a big glass (or a red Solo cup) of Haterade, there's not much you can do--except join the party.

I'll admit, it was not fun receiving a call from the Novi Police Department telling me that a threat letter intended for me was hand-delivered to a townhouse I'd sold six years ago!

If the person who took the time to drive down Eight Mile Road, turn into Country Place Condominiums, continue to the back of the 90-acre complex, drive into my former court, park the car, walk past someone else's front door, and open my former screen door and shove a crudely lettered note through the mail slot had just spent 90 seconds researching Novi's property records, the idiot would have seen that I no longer owned the home.

But who said criminals were smart, eh?

After developing a detailed "tick-tock" of events leading up to the threat, along with screen captures and copies of emails, I presented that 45-page document to the police department investigating the threat letter and the three cyberstalking incidents.

MF: Cyberstalking, Miss Fortune? Wasn't someone just doing to you what you've done on this blog?

AS:  Not at all! According to Michigan law, charter school board members are considered public officials, and there's a huge difference between revealing pertinent details about a ballooning charter school scandal on your blog and a nudnik who maliciously tells people to "feel free to contact Ms. Fortune (sic) at her home address"...and then publishes it!

MF: You're obviously concerned about your privacy, so why then did you finally reveal your true identity?

AS: After drowning my sorrows with a sweet and savory Dirty Martini (and more than a few Slutty Brownies) one night, I realized that I have much more credibility now. In a perverse way, "Interlochen Idiot" did me a favor.

MF: How's that?

AS: I get credit for everything I've discovered, and I can now FOIA to my heart's content! I working on a number of requests for information that I will soon be sending to the Grand Traverse Academy Board of Directors.

MF: Any hints?

AS: You know, if I told you...

MF: (Laughter)

AS: I do want want my many readers to know that those who've reached out to me in the past and shared information can continue to do so, knowing that their confidence will never be breached.

MF:That's important to know. What's next for Miss Fortune?

AS: Well, most people who read this blog may not know that I've also volunteered for the past few years at a public radio station as a Community News Producer.

I've interviewed former Governor Jennifer Granholm, Flint native and author Gordon Young and even did a special feature interview with Reed Cowan after the Supreme Court struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act.

MF: Reed Cowan? He directed "8: The Mormon Proposition", right?

AS: Yes, and he's also a news anchor at a television station in Las Vegas. But he started his career in Traverse City--as a thank you gift, I sent him a gift box from the Cherry Republic!

MF: Sweet! So who's your dream interview...the one person you'd really like to talk to?

AS: My girl Kaye Mentley, of course! She must be all Grumpy Cat now, and ready to pop like a can of Pringles!

Kaye, send me an email at tcmissfortune@yahoo.com!

MF: So who do you think will replace Kaye at the Grand Traverse Academy?

AS: My money's on Brian Lynch. Once Ingersoll's convicted, those Bay City Academy students will disperse like milkweed seeds and that school will fold.

MF: Well, the Academy board did give Mark Noss complete approval on hiring...it's in the Full Spectrum Management contract!

AS:  And the position description for the gig just says "administrative experience" and not "supervisory" experience.

MF: You don't miss a thing, girl!

AS: Only my original nose!


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