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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

HERMAN MOORE TO APPEAR AT ELK RAPIDS HIGH SCHOOL AUGUST 7: Will He Take A Break To "Pitch" For A Friend From Torch Lake? (UPDATE: August 9)

A simple game, or another "Trojan horse" pitch for client Per Wickstrom?

The story...and the story behind the story!

Left: Former Detroit Lion Herman Moore and former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page during an appearance at Per Wickstrom's "A Forever Recovery" on May 31, 2014.

Taking a break from what looks to be the "Per Wickstrom Reputation Management Rehabilitation 2014 Tour", former Detroit Lion Herman Moore will appear tomorrow evening at 6:00pm at the Elk Rapids High School baseball field for the school's inaugural intra-squad “Futures Game”.  Local reports indicate the exhibition game is a free event featuring returning players and incoming freshmen. 

Hot dogs and cherry pie will be served, and Moore will throw out the game's first pitch...but it may not be the only "pitch" he tosses.

UPDATE: August 9: Look who "video bombed" the local television station's coverage of the event...Per Wickstrom!

Sure looks like Wickstrom's ready for his close-up, crowding into the shot and giving a wamma-jamma glare to the nice booster club lady.

But all was not wasted, from a promotional sense. Wickstrom's Best Drug Rehabilitation donated $1,000 to the effort, and he even managed to chug around the field shagging a few fly balls.

And just a few hours ago, three comments popped up on station's story page, giving major props to Wickstrom and Best Drug Rehabilitation. One of the comments comes from "erica darc", but it's likely the post was written by Wickstrom associate Erica D'Arcangelo, a Narconon shill and president of the marketing firm, Web Content Development.  D'Arcangelo formerly worked at Narconon Arrowhead.

Funny thing is...that "Kevin Little" seems to know an awful lot about Per Wickstrom!
-end August 9 update-

Moore, a four-time NFL All-Pro wide receiver, recently formed Apprize PR, Inc., a "reputation management firm" that includes Per Wickstrom's "A Forever Recovery" drug rehabilitation clinic among its clients. Moore's partner in the venture is Chrissie Wywrot, previously the Digital Media Manager for the Detroit Lions.

Moore, Wickstrom and Moore's business partner, Sean Jordan, appeared yesterday (August 5) at a similar sports-related event in Monroe, Michigan—one clearly designed to enhance the battered image of part-time Torch Lake area resident Wickstrom and smooth his entree into Monroe County. 


Wickstrom appeared to drop off the radar after making a big splash on December 3 at the Monroe County Drug Summit, shunning the spotlight for months until reemerging on April 19 at the Adams County Fairgrounds in Mendon, IL. 

Wickstrom's Best Drug Rehabilitation dropped $30,000 to become a "Diamond Sponsor" for a concert featuring, among other second-tier acts, country singer Jared Blake. Blake, shown in the photo at left with Wickstrom, is also a paid spokesperson for a newly launched "addiction referral service" headed by Wickstrom.


Moore and Wickstrom appeared yesterday at a special football camp and cookout at Monroe High School. The event was reportedly attended by hundreds of Monroe area junior and senior high school students, and Wickstrom's Best Drug Rehabilitation donated $5,000 to support the football camp and Monroe's Arthur Lesow Community Center. And I can safely say "reportedly", because Wickstrom's already promoted the "news" in a press release!

Jordan, a West Point graduate, is often described in Wickstrom-related press releases as a "former Dallas Cowboy". Although it's true Jordan was signed by the Cowboys in 1994 as a free agent, he was cut from the team during the pre-season without ever playing a game after he pulled a right groin muscle during practice.

Moore, Jordan and Per Wickstrom cooked and served food, and the group handed promotional t-shirts branded with the name of Wickstrom's "no-cost 24/7 confidential referral service" reminding young people that "they have the power to steer clear of drugs and alcohol."

Hey, and if they can't, who ya gonna call...Per Wickstrom!


As a self-proclaimed Scientologist, Wickstrom's image clearly needs some rehabilitation. 

In May, the National Association of Forensic Counselors, Inc. (NAFC) and its subsidiary, the American Academy of Certified Forensic Counselors, filed a complaint in the Eastern District Court of Oklahoma against Narconon International, the Church of Scientology International and 80 other named defendants. 

Among the defendants (including the Thumbelina of Scientology, David Miscavige) are Per Wickstrom's Best Drug Rehabilitation, Inc. and the Manistee facility's Deputy Executive Director, Jason Burdge.

The case alleges the defendants "conspired to willfully misuse the NAFC logos and trademarks and falsified certifications supposedly obtained through the NAFC or the ACCFC to misrepresent the credentials of their employees and volunteers to promote the Narconon Network."

The lawsuit threatens to blow the lid off a long-rumored Narconon practice employed by Wickstrom at his clinics: inflating the credentials of its staff members by using expired or phony accreditation certificates. 


Wickstrom's recent PR push includes an "A Forever Recovery" 2014 National Cherry Festival sponsorship, where he and associate (and felon) Mark Hergert introduced the band Collective Soul from the stage, with a pitch for "A Forever Recovery", immortalized in a video.

Here's AFR's description of the video (cringeworthy and douchey), as seen at the link above:

Published on Jul 15, 2014

Jet planes and cherry pie. Rock grooves and carnival rides. A positive environment and a positive message at a fun and friendly gathering, honoring one of Northern Michigan's best kept secrets, the Tart Michigan Cherry.

A Forever Recovery visited the annual National Cherry Festival, hosted in Grand Traverse Bay, Mi, bringing alternative rockers Collective Soul with them. Rick Coates, local radio personality for WKLT "The Rockstation", noticed the increase in festival attendees, and spoke with our friend, Mark Hurgert (sic), about the influence that AFR's sponsorship had on the town.

"Absolutely huge, what you did tonight", said Rick. "Your sponsorship helped bring two hundred fifty to three hundred thousand people down here."

Terri Ray, also of WKLT, spoke with Mark as well as with A Forever Recovery's CEO, Per Wickstrom. She spoke of AFR's presentation of Collective Soul, saying "You helped support the events, and you helped make them happen." She also invited Per and the other representatives of AFR attending to come on stage and be recognized for their efforts.

Michigan grows about 75% of the tart cherry crop in the US. A matter of local pride, the cherry is revered enough in the area to demand its own gathering. The National Cherry Festival brings a massive influx of tourists and business revenue. Held on July 5-12, 2014, the concert and festival brought more than 500,000 people to attend this eight-day celebration of the tart cherry. Perfect weather and positive vibrations helped ensure a fun-filled week for all who attended. With a classic car show, cherry pit-spitting contest and a million dollar "Hole-in-One" competition, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Pie eating contests, a beach volleyball tournament, even Big Wheel races for the kids, the National Cherry Festival draws adults and children alike, from all walks of life.

A Forever Recovery saw this as a perfect opportunity to bring our message of hope to thousands. By asking a band as well-known as Collective Soul to perform, the number of attendees was greatly increased, allowing us to send our message even further. This also helped to bring more revenue into Traverse City and the surrounding area, boosting the local economy and strengthening the communities that call this part of Michigan "home".


In early July, Wickstrom was among many guests at the 9th Annual Ford Motor Company Fundraiser atop Detroit's Renaissance Center, enjoying the fireworks. Wickstrom, shown in the photo at left with Herman Moore, donated $10,000 to Cass Community Social Services on behalf of his Best Drug Rehabilitation facility.

And, in case you think Wickstrom's forgotten about the epic business opportunity provided by Monroe County's ghastly heroin epidemic, less than 24 hours have passed since he posted yet another video where he whores himself out, virtually throwing himself (while seated in front of an "A Forever Recovery" step-and-repeat banner) at aspiring Monroe County Probate Judge Jill Lavoy.

Looks like Wickstrom doesn't have a care in the world, other than to convince you that he's just a nice guy waiting to help you find treatment for your addiction.

If that's so, then what do I tell the person who frantically emailed me just this morning, wanting to know why their loved one, a patient at Best Drug Rehabilitation, cannot make a call home unless it's on a speaker phone?

And why did that person describe Best Drug Rehabilitation looking like a "former mental hospital"?

Damned if I know.

If you see Per Wickstrom tomorrow night in Elk Rapids, ask him.

And if he's handing out t-shirts, get me a Medium.  

Miss Fortune likes her shirts snug.

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  1. The people of Traverse City have absolutely no use for you or your copy and paste campaign against others. You bring absolutely no good to anyone you only strive for harm what good is that what kind of a sick fucking person are that sits at a computer day in and day out producing nothing but negative bullshit you certainly are not being paid to do it so what's in it for you? I really think you should seek professional help be cause you come across as a complete and utter idiot. In regards to your attempt to discredit me on your hitless blog I'm sorry to inform you "NOBODY CARES" I'm sure you think that I'm a convicted felon and I'm sure you paid some site in the internet $9.95 to do a criminal background search on me that pulled up some outdated and incorrect data about my background however I would bet every dollar that I have that you cannot prove That I'm a convicted felon and to post erroneous information about me in the attempts of harm is a liability that you soon will answer to I have contacted my attorney in Traverse City and shared your posting and he will be reviewing it in its entirety and I have authorized him to obtain a recent criminal history report on me to prove that what you have posted is a bunch of bullshit most like the other postings you lay claim to. You can pick on me all you want I know one thing I will always have more credibility among my peers and your mission of hate will stop dead in their tracks. I have plenty of respect for journalism I'm sure Journalism has no respect for you..