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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I NEED MORE TIME!: Steve Ingersoll Seeks Six Month Delay, Federal Fraud Trial Was Set To Begin September 16


Wiretapped!: Continuance motion reveals pretrial discovery includes "recorded conversations" 

Attorneys for federally indicted Steven J. Ingersoll and his wife, Deborah, filed a motion yesterday in U. S. District Court seeking to delay the duo's upcoming federal trial for six months. 

Assistant U.S. Attorney Janet Parker stated in the motion that she "would not oppose an adjournment". However, neither co-counsel for the defendants nor Parker have committed to the length of the adjournment that would be acceptable.
The filing requests an extension in the August 19 motion deadline for a period of approximately two months until October 20, 2014.

Ingersoll's case involves complex issues concerning a $1.8 million dollar construction loan, the responsibility of the parties (including Ingersoll's brother, Gayle, Roy C. Bradley, Sr. and his wife, Tammy) pursuant to the loan, and the Bay City Academy construction project that it funded.

The document reveals that discovery in this case is "voluminous", stating that the "government has provided 16 CD-R’s which include over 3,100 pages of documents as well as recorded conversations."

In addition, the most recent installment of the discovery, received on or about August 12, 2014, includes "over 900 pages of documents and a recorded conversation".

The April 23 superseding indictment in this case alleges several offenses. Count 1 charges all defendants with a conspiracy to defraud Chemical Bank of funds obtained through the construction loan 

Count 2 charges Steven Ingersoll, Gayle Ingersoll and Roy C. Bradley, Sr. with a conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service. 

Counts 3,4, and 5 charge Steven Ingersoll alone, or with a codefendant, with wire fraud in connection with the transfer of funds obtained from Chemical Bank.

Counts 6 and 7 charge Steven Ingersoll with tax evasion with respect to his 2009 and 2010 tax returns.

Steven Ingersoll is represented by Martin E. Crandall of the Detroit firm Clark Hill and Traverse City attorney Jan Geht. Ingersoll's wife, Deborah, is represented by Lake Orion attorney Kenneth R. Sasse. 

Deborah Ingersoll's former attorney, Saginaw-based Barbara Klimaszewski, filed a motion to withdraw from the case on June 30, stating there had been a "complete breakdown of the attorney/client relationship". 

Court records show Sasse replaced Klimaszewski on July 10.

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