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Thursday, August 7, 2014

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER THREAT: Just How Do You Play "Bitch", Anyway?

Now it's Hergie! 

Per Wickstrom's associate Mark Hergert buys "anitasenkowski.com" domain name, uses it in threat email.

Left: "Let's play bitch" email sent by Mark Hergert to Miss Fortune on August 6.

In a post that first appeared on this blog yesterday, Miss Fortune described a known associate of Per Wickstrom, Mark Hergert, as a "felon". I based my description on official documents obtained from Hawaii's Third Circuit Court, acquired by submitting a Freedom of Information Act request. The extensive documents--including bench warrants and plea deal agreements--detail activity between May 13, 1992 and June 20, 1994 that accurately confirms the description used in the post.

See Hergert's official "warrant of commitment" below, issued by the State of Hawaii's Third Circuit ordering Hergert to be incarcerated for a Class C felony, Theft in the Second Degree.

Warrant of commitment to jail, Aug. 22, 1994

Hergert reacted to the revelation by acquiring the domain name, "anitasenkowski.com", sending the email you see above, two other incendiary emails that do not appear on this blog, and the following comment posted on this blog:

The people of Traverse City have absolutely no use for you or your copy and paste campaign against others. You bring absolutely no good to anyone you only strive for harm what good is that what kind of a sick fucking person are that sits at a computer day in and day out producing nothing but negative bullshit you certainly are not being paid to do it so what's in it for you? I really think you should seek professional help be cause you come across as a complete and utter idiot. In regards to your attempt to discredit me on your hitless blog I'm sorry to inform you "NOBODY CARES" I'm sure you think that I'm a convicted felon and I'm sure you paid some site in the internet $9.95 to do a criminal background search on me that pulled up some outdated and incorrect data about my background however I would bet every dollar that I have that you cannot prove That I'm a convicted felon and to post erroneous information about me in the attempts of harm is a liability that you soon will answer to I have contacted my attorney in Traverse City and shared your posting and he will be reviewing it in its entirety and I have authorized him to obtain a recent criminal history report on me to prove that what you have posted is a bunch of bullshit most like the other postings you lay claim to. You can pick on me all you want I know one thing I will always have more credibility among my peers and your mission of hate will stop dead in their tracks. I have plenty of respect for journalism I'm sure Journalism has no respect for you..

Hergert has been following this blog since April 2013, when I began writing my ongoing investigative series about Wickstrom, Scientology and the Narconon network of drug rehabilitation clinics.

In fact, Hergert first reached out to Miss Fortune in an email dated April 5, 2013. I wrote about Hergert's "fishing attempt" in a post dated April 6, 2013.

Although the email did not have a subject line, and was shunted over to my "Spam" folder, Hergert asked the following question:

Can you tell me what information you have about the facility or Per Wickstrom?


Later, Wickstrom named Hergert to head up his expansion into South Bend, Indiana. The Indiana incorporation papers, filed on September 13, 2012, list Hergert as the "Registered Agent" for Tranquility Detox, Inc.

The expansion clinic, located at 3606 E. Jefferson Boulevard in South Bend, was originally supposed to open in mid-March 2013, but its status remains in limbo.

An official spokesperson from Indiana's Family and Social Services Administration confirmed to Miss Fortune today that although Per Wickstrom's attorney had begun the licensing process for the facility last year, activity ceased in August, 2013.

The official stated that Amber Howe, on behalf of the South Bend location, informed the State of Indiana in a July 14 email that the clinic would be opening on or around August 1.

The spokesperson explained to Miss Fortune that she told Howe that all previously submitted application materials had been disposed of, as Wickstrom's attorney failed to meet a September 2013 deadline for outstanding material requested by the State of Indiana.

The licensing process will have to be restarted and if the clinic did in fact already open, it is "operating illegally".


Hergert owns the domain name,"anitasenkowski.com", until he stops paying for it...there's really nothing I can do.

However, there's no hosting agreement associated with the domain name. And it's likely that the terms of service for any web hosting provider Hergert chooses will prohibit him from uploading, posting or otherwise making available any content that is "unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable."

So, I'll just keep watching...and waiting.

After all, Mark Hergert did say "we are coming for you...(internet related speaking)."

UPDATE: August 8- Hergert, an agent of Per Wickstrom, has continued his intimidation efforts against this blog. Shown at left is a Ripoff Report post written by Hergert.


  1. I'd love to answer your question, but I think the State Police are knocking on my front door.

  2. There is way more to this story than you even know like they are moving detox from battle creek to best drug rehabilitation.Good news for Manistee a small town that used to be a drug free town with very little crime.

    1. If you'd like to reach out--confidentially, of course--I'd appreciate hearing from you at: tcmissfortune@yahoo.com

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