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Thursday, July 3, 2014

KAYE MENTLEY TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH HER FAMILY: The Dominos Have Begun To Fall At The Grand Traverse Academy; Will Mentley's Successor Be Concerned About The Missing Millions? Will Mark Noss/Full Spectrum Management Play The "Urgency" Card & Hire A Relative? And How Many Questions Can Fit In A Headline, Anyway?

BREAKING NEWS! Kaye Mentley no longer head of Grand Traverse Academy. Will the Superintendent position be posted, or will an "interim appointment" be made?

More information as soon as it becomes available.
July 3 6:00pm update: Mark Noss email to Grand Traverse Academy community follows below Mentley's email/profile.

Mentley's July 2 email announcement follows; Miss Fortune has redacted the cell phone number that originally appeared.

July 3 6:00pm update:

In the time-honored tradition of the Friday news dump (tomorrow's a holiday, so today feels like a Friday), stories dumped on Fridays usually peter out by Monday.

Something tells me this may not be the case with this story, as Ms. Mentley scooped Mark Noss (her former boss) by at least 12 hours.

Here is the email Noss issued today:

Hey, he forgot to tell us where to send a resume!

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