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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Brad Habermehl, the man who was quoted in the July 18 Traverse City Record-Eagle posing the questions, "Do we sue Smart Schools or take it to court? What are our options?,” also read a prepared statement during the Grand Traverse Academy's July 18 board meeting that appeared to support federally-indicted Steven Ingersoll.

Habermehl asserted that Ingersoll had provided financial support that helped keep the Academy afloat during those hungry, early years.

But while making the claim, Habermehl offered no proof, and did not make copies of his written remarks available to those attending the meeting.

Miss Fortune will be happy to "correct the record" and publish the documents backing up Habermehl's claim.

Why not post the statement (and the financial data) on the Academy's website, Brad? And, while you're at it, how about a copy of Kaye Mentley's severance agreement?

You should be able to rustle that information up before school starts, eh?


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