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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

CROOKED CHIROPRACTOR ON THE 'RUN': "Gladiator" Robert Buckhannon and his "Goddess" Marlena Michaels Rock 'N Run In San Antonio

Like a cool, refreshing summer dessert, this little trou normand of a story will certainly cleanse your news palate: Robert Buckhannonthe crooked chiropractoris back, and Miss Fortune's got him!

While the Battle Creek Police department remains tighter than a clam with lockjaw, leaving the rest of us to speculate about the cause of the fire that destroyed the On Deck Sports Bar and Grill last December 30, it appears that Robert Buckhannon's not letting his summer fun go up in smoke just because of a little arson investigation.

Buckhannon and his wife, Marlena Michaels, hit the Gladiator Rock'n Run course together in San Antonio, Texas, on May 31.

The Gladiator 5K course, with "extreme obstacles and harsh terrain", has been described by creator Dan Clark ("Nitro" from American Gladiators) as "the most insane day of your life." 

Oh, look! Rob and Marlena finished at the same time.

Bet that didn't go over well on Wahwahtaysee Way!

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